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Creating an information risk management and compliance program is essential for any small or large business that gathers, stores or transmits customer data or other information over the Internet. Having the necessary security controls in place lowers the risks of hackers and scammers stealing data and performing identity theft, as well as helps your company avoid costly fines and litigation. In addition, you can bring more trust to your operations when vendors, clients and partners know that your information risk management and compliance program meets all local, state and federal regulations.

Yet how do you know whether your information risk management and compliance program meets an industry-specific level? Are there any gaps in the control measures, and are these controls sufficient in achieving specified objectives?

HITRUST is the leading data protection standards development and certification organization. The organization has assisted the healthcare and public health sector (HPH) with protocols, assessments and certifications that meet specified privacy regulations. Now HITRUST has created a certification program that businesses in a multitude of industry sectors can use to organize their information risk management and compliance programs. This certification program is used with the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cyber Security Framework (CSF) as the assessment scorecard helps to analyze a company’s security controls to ensure that they are in compliance with the NIST Framework.

HITRUST CSF Assurance Program

As a risk and compliance-based framework, the HITRUST CSF helps a company figure out how to meet the security control goals that align with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. This framework consists of sector-specific target profiles, core categories, and core subcategories to help a business pin down the right security controls that are specific for their industry and implement the controls effectively.

A main advantage of the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program is that it takes all the best practices, statutory requirements and regulatory standards that multiple industries follow and conveniently makes a single comprehensive framework that is easy for businesses to follow. By using the assessments, problems with existing cybersecurity programs can be found and addressed. In addition, the HITRUST CSF Assurance program also helps information technology specialists and chief technology officers to effectively communicate security programs to the board of directors.

How You Can Use the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program

The HITRUST CSF provides a scorecard that is used to determine the level of cybersecurity protection that is present and see whether it meets the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. The scorecard consists of compliance ratings for each core subcategory. Then you can take these compliance ratings and look over the provided guidance to determine where the scores fall into the NIST framework’s implementation tiers. Afterward, you can create consistent critical infrastructure reporting about the effectiveness of the company’s cybersecurity program.

In addition to creating reports on how cybersecurity controls measure up to NIST frameworks, the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program also allows you to compare the security control effectiveness against other standards as well as leading practice frameworks. You can see if the cybersecurity protocols align with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards, General Data Protection Regulation requirements (GDPR), HIPAA Security and Privacy Rules, and many others. Your company can perform one assessment and ensure that controls meet the required standards that are most used in your particular industry.

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Strengthen Your Information Risk Management and Compliance Program with the HITRUST CSF ASSURANCE Program

It only takes one gap in your present security controls to leave your company data and customer information unprotected from hackers. Evaluating these controls with present standards can provide the right amount of risk management strategies to fully protect all data. In addition, it can also help your company grow and form strong business relationships as other organizations can trust that you have met all the required standards.

Whether you are performing an internal readiness assessment, or you are looking for an external auditor to assist you in adopting the HITRUST CSF, turn to I.S. Partners LLC. We are well versed in a range of IT assurance programs, including HITRUST CSF, so that you can receive certification. We provide additional guidance to help your internal auditors perform a self-assessment, as well as provide you information on how to receive a valid assessment.

Reach out to the professionals at I.S. Partners LLC today to learn more about the HITRUST CSF Assurance Program. You can also use our convenient contact form to receive a quote for our services.

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