Cybersecurity Services

From providing thorough cloud security assessments to protect your data in the cloud, delivering tailored cybersecurity training for your workforce, to conducting comprehensive ISMS risk assessments, we ensure that your information assets are secure and your systems meet regulatory requirements. We also specialize in managing third-party risk assessments, ensuring your extended business network is as secure as your core operations. Our sophisticated social engineering audits also help uncover unique vulnerabilities, providing a more holistic approach to your organization’s cybersecurity and compliance demands.

Cloud Security Assessment

Organizations using cloud technology must implement a dedicated security strategy to protect their data, safeguard their customers’ privacy, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Cybersecurity Training

We provide tailored security solutions spanning audits, assessments, development, testing, remediation, and implementation. I.S. Partners also offers ongoing learning opportunities to tackle advanced security issues relative to your unique operations, sector, and evolving regulations.

ISMS Risk Assessment

Information Security Management System (ISMS) assessments were developed to clarify the management process regarding information assets’ protections, policies, and programs. We simplify the assessment process and provide valuable guidance in improving your company’s security posture.

Third-Party Risk Assessment

Monitoring performance and assessing risk associated with all the vendors, suppliers, business partners, brokers, contract manufacturers, distributors, and resellers in your network is daunting. I.S. Partners, LLC. can lead your organization’s third-party risk management program. We do this by developing a risk management strategy that fits your organization and performing risk assessments.

Social Engineering Audit

The level of threats has been increasing in recent years, but the types of threats are changing, too. Social engineering attacks use human interactions and relationships to gain information about an entity’s IT systems. Social engineering audits work together with regular cybersecurity measures and employee training to help minimize vulnerability.

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