Cybersecurity Assessment And Advisory Services

Accessing cybersecurity services doesn’t need to be difficult. It’s common sense. Regardless of the information security compliance standard that your organization is faced with, ISP and our AWA Security Advantage Program, will guide you through the process of mandated compliance.

CISO Services

For smart companies, running a successful cybersecurity program is a top priority. I.S. Partners, LLC. bolsters the capacity of companies to do this even when they are unable to hire a full-time chief information security officer (CISO). By deploying highly skilled virtual CISOs, we are able to direct flexible, scalable, and most importantly, effective security programs. Because virtual CISOs work remotely, the advantages are accessible to organizations anywhere and of any size.

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EU GDPR Compliance

As the risk of data breaches and the threat of cybercrime targeting consumer data increase, privacy and security have become global concerns. Since it went into effect in May 2018, GDPR has set strong standards regarding data governance, monitoring, and awareness, as well as strategic decision-making related to the use of consumer data.

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California Consumer Privacy Act

CCPA was designed specifically with the protection of consumer rights in mind. Now that affected businesses are required to be fully compliant, strict penalties for privacy violations can be levied. Your organization should rely on an auditing partner such as I.S. Partners, LLC., to help understand this new set of regulations and develop a strategy for achieving compliance.

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Since 2019, the NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation has governed all covered financial institutions operating in the state of New York as it relates to security programs. It outlines requirements for the development and implementation of effective cybersecurity programs to assess and mitigate risk. When you work with I.S. Partners, LLC., you can rest assured that everything from developing a business continuity plan to implementing risk management measures will be handled seamlessly. We provide professional assistance reaching, maintaining, and renewing compliance certification.

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NIST 800-171 Assessments

NIST 800-171 regulations were founded to provide guidance to agencies in safeguarding sensitive federal information and data in external information systems. This type of assessment supports the staff of federal contractors in the proper handling of valuable data and comply with all standards currently in force. The experienced advisors at I.S. Partners implement gap analysis using the cybersecurity framework, readiness assessments and validation testing.

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All bulk power system owners, operators, and users are required to comply with NERC-approved Reliability Standards. NERC CIP is currently the only mandatory requirement designed to help electric utilities implement the appropriate security measures to protect vital data. The cybersecurity specialists at I.S. Partners, LLC. are fully capable of assisting these types of entities in achieving NERC CIP compliance.

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Government agencies and organizations which handles federal government data must comply with FISMA regulations in order to adequately protect its information systems. Our team works with agencies to analyze information systems and verify that controls meet the assurance requirements.

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Pandemic Planning

Because the spread of infectious disease is a real and massive threat to every aspect of enterprise, pandemic planning is a critical factor in continuity planning and risk management. I.S. Partners works together with Compass IT Compliance to provide a full range of professional advisory services dedicated to outbreak preparation.

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PCI Transformation

Keeping up with PCI compliance can be an arduous and expensive undertaking. With our innovative transformation services, your organization can reach its security goals, while decreasing the cost and time associated with assessments and certification.

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GLBA Compliance Auditing

Comprehensive auditing services ensure that financial institutions meet the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) standards. Our team will review your security plan, policies, and procedures designed to protect customers’ nonpublic data and privacy.

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ISMS Risk Assessment

Information Security Management System (ISMS) assessments were developed to clarify the management process in terms of the protections, policies, and programs for information assets. I.S. Partners works to make the assessment process as simple as possible and provide valuable guidance in improving your company’s security posture.

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Cloud Environment Security Assessments

Cloud Environment Security Assessments

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