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Certification and Attestation

Our certification and attestation methodologies and industry proven processes are not only an opportunity for you to be in accordance with established guidelines or specifications from the AICPA, HITRUST Alliance, PCI Council, and the International Organization for Standardization but to help you maintain your compliance throughout the year. We streamline the process by automating testing and marrying the methodologies across SOC, HITRUST, PCI, and ISO to lessen the certification and attestation burden while maintaining compliance and providing a trust to your customers that you are operating in an ethical and compliant manner and establishing credibility by providing a competitive advantage


Our team provides SOC 1 reports that attest to the strength of your company’s business process and information technology controls. With the I.S. Partners “seal of excellence” for SOC 1 – Type I and Type II – our customers have proof that their controls are designed and operate effectively.

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Companies required to meet compliance regulations regarding data security can rely on our team of auditing professionals. As the first and only firm with the “seal of excellence,” I.S. Partners grant assurance to organizations. SOC 2 Type I and II reports verify that the controls implemented by a company’s service organizations meet all five Trust Service Principles.

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Building trust is crucial in the business world. With SOC 3 reports, service organizations can form strong relationships with customers by demonstrating the reliability of their information security controls. Performed by CPAs, this type of audit assures customers that their personal information and data are properly safeguarded.

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SOC For Cybersecurity

The ongoing and increasing threats to cybersecurity are now a major concern for companies of all sizes and in all industries. SOC for Cybersecurity lays out guidelines for building and documenting an organization’s risk management program based on objectives and controls. A SOC for Cybersecurity audit can then be performed, in accordance with AICPA Statements on Standards for Attestation Engagements. It attests to the validity of an organization’s cybersecurity controls that have been implemented to achieve the set goals.

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SOC for Vender Supply Chain

It is ever more challenging for businesses to manage risk because of the growing reliance on technology within supply chains. The SOC for Supply Chain provides attestation to the design and operating effectiveness of the controls used by vendors and service providers. This report details relevant and reliable information on risk within supply chains, thereby empowering a company to take the necessary risk management measures.

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Originally designed to certify compliance related to the handling and transmission of protected health information, HITRUST CSF certification is now becoming widely accepted in a wide range of industries. The HITRUST CSF sets high standards related to data security and the framework has been widely adopted for effective risk management. Certification, with help from the qualified accessors at I.S. Partners, is a way to clearly show customers and stakeholders that your company meets this security benchmark.

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Preventing data breaches means avoiding penalties and fines, but it also works to strengthen a company’s reputation. Our PCI services support these important corporate security goals. With a project management approach to optimize time, workflow, and budget, the I.S. Partners team offers customized compliance solutions and guides our clients through the process.

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ISO 27001

Companies which collect, store, transmit, and process sensitive data from customers take on the responsibility of staying compliant with security regulations. To do this, each company must design and implement various security controls to manage risk related to their operations. ISO 27001 is a series of auditable requirements for information security management systems. I.S. Partners, LLC. provides comprehensive ISO 27001 risk assessments to identify any gaps between current policies and processes and the controls outlined in the ISO 27001 framework.

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ISO 27002

The ISO 27002 acts as a guideline to achieving best practices regarding organizational information security standards and information security management. It focuses on the organization’s selection, implementation and management of controls in relation to the business’s information security risk environments. ISO 27002 can be a powerful tool in demonstrating the stability of your organization’s ISMS and supporting implementation of ISO 27001.

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