Green Power Pass Certification

Green Power Pass (GPP) certification enables companies to report the renewable they use through data centers. This makes it possible for the company to get financial and reporting benefits associated with decreased greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions.

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Why Pursue GPP Certification?

GPP is recognized throughout many industries. It’s based on the Future of Internet Power (FoIP) framework for new carbon reporting protocol. Certification is valid for one year and can be renewed annually. It attests to the percentage of green power that a specific customer has used. A full GPP report also includes a detailed account of power consumption, the relevant energy sources, and chain-of-custody of the wind, solar, and other renewable electricity powering your data center facility.


What Are the Steps for GPP Certification?

This renewable energy reporting system allows companies to report greenhouse gas reductions associated with the green power consumed at Iron Mountain data centers. Green Power Pass is fully compliant with the Future of Internet Power (FoIP) practices and offers customers an annual certificate of attestation, certifying that 100% of the power consumed is usable in reporting.

Our experienced auditors are able to provide data center customers with yearly GPP certification for reporting purposes. Clients also receive detailed reports on power consumption and full documentation on the source and chain-of-custody of the renewable electricity associated with their Iron Mountain facility. 


Expert Guidance From I.S. Partners

I.S. Partners is committed to assisting your data center in sharing the benefits of renewable energy with your customers. Our auditors can offer your clients annual GPP certification for the purpose of reporting. Our documentation adheres to FoIP practices and addresses all relevant power consumption. Get in touch with our team today to learn more.

Get in touch with I.S. Partners for more information on this innovative way to access renewable energy benefits.

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