Business Continuity Services

With our broad range of services, covering everything from disaster preparedness and policy and procedure development to internal auditing, we provide a robust framework to ensure your business stays on course even in the face of unpredictability. Our internal auditing and agreed-upon procedures illuminate key business procedures and their impact on your operations. Additionally, our virtual staffing solutions, including internal audit outsourcing and fractional compliance roles, provide you with expert guidance and additional manpower exactly when you need it. We also offer virtual CISO services to bolster your cybersecurity program. Partner with I.S. Partners, and fortify your business for the unforeseen challenges of the future.

Disaster Preparedness

Because the spread of infectious disease is a real and massive threat to every aspect of the enterprise, pandemic planning is a critical factor in continuity planning and risk management. I.S. Partners works with Compass IT Compliance to provide a full range of professional advisory services dedicated to outbreak preparation.

Internal Auditing

Continual improvement is driven by critical thinking and attention to detail. Our skilled CPAs and auditors are experienced with guiding organizations in internal audit preparedness engagements and setting up effective self-assessment programs.

Policy & Procedure Development

Predicting and preparing for the unexpected can seem like an impossible objective. Yet successful information security and business continuity require it. I.S. Partners guides organizations through building an effective risk management program, starting from a firm foundation with secure IT policies and procedures. Our team has the combined security and compliance skills needed to update your current policies and procedures efficiently or to develop them from scratch.

Agreed Upon Procedures

Factual and unbiased information can be critically valuable in helping your management staff to understand key business procedures and their effect on operations. An agreed-upon procedure from a third-party auditor, such as I.S. Partners, LLC., is a standard guideline our auditor uses to evaluate specific procedures. The ultimate goal is to provide clients with the critical information management needs to determine the right course of action.

Virtual Staffing Solutions

Internal Audit Outsourcing

For companies with a small internal audit staff or which could benefit from expert guidance in managing business process or IT environments, outsourcing is a great solution. Internal audit outsourcing brings the added manpower and fresh perspective of external experts to ensuring business operations align with the goals set. Our team is skilled at working in a range of industries – both optimizing current in-house staffs via co-sourcing and delivering full auditing services for organizations.

Fractional Compliance Roles

Our compliance outsourcing services make top-tier compliance specialists and auditors available to your organization on a scalable model. It’s easy to scale up or down according to the role that is being outsourced: from compliance monitoring specialist, a more robust virtual compliance officer, or a fully outsourced chief compliance officer role. Virtual compliance specialists can lead certification for any framework–or combination of frameworks–that applies to your company.

Virtual CISO Services

For smart companies, running a successful cybersecurity program is a top priority. I.S. Partners bolsters the capacity of companies to do this even when they are unable to hire a full-time chief information security officer (CISO). By deploying highly skilled virtual CISOs, we are able to direct flexible, scalable, and most importantly, effective security programs. Because virtual CISOs work remotely, the advantages are accessible to organizations anywhere and of any size.

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