Master the Key Principle of SOC 2

SOC 2 is an essential accounting system that helps organizations manage sensitive data more efficiently and for the safety and security of their customers. It was developed by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA), a respected organization of certified public accountants. 

When your company successfully completes a SOC 2 audit, you’ll receive a detailed report and certification that you can proudly share with your customers and other valuable stakeholders. Customers and business partners feel confident when they come to know their information is in safe hands.

It shows that you take data security seriously and are willing to work hard to maintain your customers’ trust. It is designed to assure the customers that your service providers follow strict audit procedures, according to AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria, to secure sensitive customer data.


Decode the Complexities of SOC 2 With a Trusted Compliance Coach

There are several key aspects to be considered when it comes to managing a System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 compliance program.

Firstly, maintaining in-house SOC 2 services is quite expensive because there are costs involved in hiring and training qualified personnel and maintaining specialized tools. The SOC 2 process is complex, and a deep understanding is required to ensure compliance.

Our SOC 2 audit consultants ensure you have essential expert guidance every step of the way towards compliance.


SOC 2 Compliance Builds Trust

SOC 2 audits foster customer trust, which can lead to sales growth. They represent a competitive advantage by showing adherence to best practices.

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Expert Guidance

Reduce the risk of fines and penalties tied to regulatory non-compliance

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Control Strengthening

Address risks and identify potential vulnerabilities

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Tailored Audits

Fix financial control vulnerabilities for better security

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A Small Price for a Big Advantage

SOC 2 audit services and consultation fees are not set. This varies depending on factors such as the size and complexity of your organization, the size of the account, and your current internal structure. If you already have a strong financial reporting system in place, you can save on processing fees.

SOC 2 costs may include:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Documentation Prep
  • Process Guidance
  • Readiness Assessments
  • External Auditors
  • Records Maintenance
  • Certification Audit

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SOC 2 Audit Timeframe and Regularity

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4-6 months (average)

The actual SOC 2 audit period may be shorter or longer depending on available resources, the size of your financial reporting system, the quality of the audit system, and the current state of your internal systems

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SOC 2 audits are usually performed annually to ensure continued compliance with the standard. It assures your customers and stakeholders that your financial reporting system is secure and reliable.


Your Trusted SOC 2 Audit Firm

I.S. Partners is a licensed CPA firm that will help you mitigate the challenges of SOC 2 so you can achieve compliance with minimal hassle.

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Full U.S.-based team

Ensures a better understanding of the local business nuances and regulations.

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No Outsourcing

Work with the same dedicated team throughout the entire process.

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One-stop shop

Saves time and effort by offering all requisite services under one roof.

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Nearly 20 years of experience

Gives you access to our deep industry insights and tried-and-tested methods.

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Compatibility with your compliance software

Offers the flexibility to integrate with existing software like Drata, Vanta, or any other.

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Software Included (FREE!)

Benefit from our proprietary software at no additional cost.

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A Simple Guide From Preparation to Attestation

Our SOC 2 auditors regularly work with users and service organizations to help both parties achieve top-level compliance for a secure business relationship that benefits everyone involved.

Our SOC 2 Compliance Services Include:

  • Strategic SOC 2 compliance plan 
  • Audit assertions letter
  • SOC 2 badge for a successful SOC 2 audit completion
  • SOC 2 compliance training and awareness for personnel 
  • SOC 2 readiness assessment to help prepare organizations for the compliance process

We provide two types of SOC 2 audit services:

Audit TypePeriodDescription
SOC 2 Type IPoint in timeThis audit focuses on the service organization’s controls used to address any or all five Trust Service Criteria, providing assurance of effective design at a specific point in time. 
SOC 2 Type II3-12 MonthsIt examines the operating effectiveness and how well those controls have operated over a period of time, typically 3-12 months.

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Our Proven SOC 2 Process

megaphone iconInitial consultation to understand your business and compliance needs  
document icon 1Detailed scoping and planning to ensure a smooth audit process
document lock iconOnsite testing and evaluation of your controls
video iconComprehensive reporting on audit findings and recommendations
compass iconOngoing support and guidance to maintain compliance

Our team also conducts a SOC 2 readiness assessment to evaluate your existing internal controls and procedures against SOC 2 requirements. This pre-audit service is essential for identifying potential gaps and developing a remediation plan to ensure successful audit outcomes.

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What a SOC 2 Audit Covers

security 1Security
Protects Systems from malicious attacks, data loss, and other security events.
availability 2Availability
Ensure that systems maintain high availability
process integrityProcessing Integrity
Ensure that Systems processing occurs as intended in a timely fashion
confidentiality 1Confidentiality
Ensure that confidential information is protected from unauthorized access
privacy 1Privacy
Ensure that personal information is protected from unauthorized access


Your Trusted Partner for SOC 2 Success Across Industries

I.S. Partners has helped hundreds of companies achieve SOC 2 and other critical security certifications. Our SOC 2 auditors have extensive experience working with companies of all sizes across various industries, including:

  • SaaS providers
  • FinTech
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Manufacturing
  • And more

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See why our clients are so loyal.

Through the years, I.S. Partners has continued to help us earn and maintain our compliance positions and we are very grateful for the professional standard that they have guided us to achieve. We value their “trusted advisor” partnership they have created with us and would highly recommend them to anyone pursuing these achievements.

tom russo 1

Tom Russo

President doeLEGAL, LLC

I.S. Partners helped AvMed to effectively and efficiently implement the Model Audit Rule, while also serving as a true business partner in enabling AvMed to understand and where appropriate implement best practices. I would highly recommend IS Partners for anyone looking to engage a firm that brings and delivers a unique and differentiating service experience.

tom russo

Randy L. Stuart

Senior Vice President & CFO AvMed

The Audit team provided us a thorough audit guideline prior to the on-site visit. This allowed ePay to successfully prepare for the audit. This onsite visit was conducted in a very timely and professional manner. If your company is looking for outstanding audit and compliance services at a very competitive price, I.S. Partners is a great fit.

thomas simoncic

Thomas Simoncic

Chief Operating Officer VRS Vericlaim, a Toplis & Harding Company

I have used I.S. Partners for a variety of services and have always found the product of top quality.

mark monroe

Mark Monroe

Director Internal Audit DentaQuest


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SOC 1®, SOC 2® and SOC 3® are registered trademarks of the AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). The AICPA® Trust Services Criteria for Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy is copyrighted by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants. All rights reserved.

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