Experienced Internal Audit Services & Consulting 

I.S. Partners’ auditing consultants can assist companies by performing internal audit preparedness engagements, and helping them create effective self-assessment programs.  

Our internal audit services are designed to help companies develop, fulfill, and maintain their ongoing internal audit function.  



Our Continuous Assessment Approach 

Today’s businesses demand a continuous approach to internal auditing services. Why? Because ongoing auditing processes provide IT departments with more lead time to anticipate problems, issues can be detected and mitigated sooner, and it’s a more effective way to assess a system’s risks and controls.  

immediate engagement


Augment a company’s existing auditing staff 

streamlined process


Lead the development of a company’s internal audit function 



Perform quality reviews of a company’s internal activities 



Consultation for committees and management 

A continuous monitoring program maintains an accurate picture of an organization’s security risk profile, makes use of automated data feeds to determine risk, and ensures that security controls are appropriate over time. Relevant auditing data is collected continually and results are tracked and compared from one period to another. This process enables businesses to concentrate on continual improvement through periodic sampling and testing of control effectiveness.   


How Are I.S. Partners’ Internal Audit Services Different? 

Our auditors are required to be certified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) and their performance is regularly and rigorously reviewed. Getting audited can cause anxiety, that’s why we guide our clients through every step of the internal audit process.   

We are constantly focused on your company’s ongoing improvement and preparing effectively for any eventual external audit. At I.S. Partners, LLC., we are ready to step in and help out. Whether you simply need another skilled auditing team member to alleviate pressure during busy periods, or you need someone who continually studies regulations in your industry, we can help. 


Internal Audit Outsourcing Services

Learn about the advantages of our fractional internal auditing services. We offer flexible and cost-effective solutions for companies of all sizes.


Comprehensive Internal Audit Services

When you work with I.S. Partners, we start the process by getting to know your company and the goals to be accomplished with auditing services. Then, we perform a risk analysis, define the scope of the assessment, carry out testing, and report the findings. At that point, we provide full advisory services to discuss the findings and help your team make a plan for remediation.   


Free Internal Audit Software for Our Clients

Fieldguide automated Internal audit software is free to use for all I.S. Partners clients. Start working with us and getting faster, less expensive compliance engagements.


Take the Anxiety out of Internal Audits

When you work with us, you can rely on a skilled auditing team that is committed to helping your company s쳮d. Use the contact form to get started.

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