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Compliance Audit Services for Vanta Customers

With Vanta, you have access to a robust automated platform. Despite this, scheduling compliance-related tasks and managing auditor coordination can sometimes introduce delays. Don’t let these obstacles cloud the effective power of your Vanta platform.

Acquiring a compliance certification isn’t merely about employing the right software. Your team requires an accredited practitioner or CPA to conduct the audit. Additionally, the path to achieving and maintaining compliance often comes with challenges. That’s why I.S. Partners provides complete compliance audit services for companies using the Vanta platform.

Software + Skills

I.S. Partners bridges the knowledge gap thanks to an in-depth understanding of digital systems. We will guide your team in converting your Vanta platform into a collaborative, organized, and efficient compliance management software, just as it was designed to be.

checkbox circle fillWe work directly with you on the Vanta software.
checkbox circle fillWe assign a dedicated success manager to coordinate compliance tasks.
checkbox circle fillWe provide clear directions on mandatory controls and best practices.
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Faster Audit Processes

Vanta software offers a rapid, seamless avenue for expanding companies to achieve compliance, ensure security, and strengthen customer and partner trust.

software integration


190+ sleek Vanta integrations to automate security tasks and evidence collection.

control mapping


20+ regulatory security and privacy frameworks with automatic control mapping to reduce redundant work.

cloud platform


#1 leader for security compliance, cloud security, vendor security and privacy assessment, and IT asset management.

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Expert Compliance Audit Services

Combining the platform with I.S. Partners’ experienced practitioners streamlines audit preparation procedures across all compliance frameworks. Discover the advantages of compliance audit services by our skilled team.

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Full Risk

Get a clear look at risk across your business for smart decision-making, plus automated risk assessment and remediation.

certification and attestation

Certification & Attestation

For SOC 2, NIST, FedRAMP, GDPR, SOX and more, our practitioners deliver reliable reports.

ongoing compliance


Regular testing, easy access control, and vendor risk management support a proactive security approach.


Personalized Compliance Audit Services

Combining Vanta’s risk management solution with I.S. Partners’ expertise, you can optimize your existing workflows to simplify audits, get attestations faster, reduce costs, and more. Maintain your risk profile and streamline your entire security and compliance journey for maximum efficiency with this powerful pair.


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