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Faster, Less Expensive Pen Testing Services

Do you need to fulfill vendor demands or regulatory requirements by conducting penetration testing? Are you undergoing security testing for the first time or looking to improve upon previous vulnerability assessment results? If so, CheckBox Pen Testing services are the solution for you.

Our out-of-the-box service streamlines the pen testing process, making it faster and more cost-effective. It is designed for companies who are new to security testing or have budget constraints, providing them with a comprehensive yet affordable option for network assessments.

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Easy, Affordable, Efficient Pen Testing Services

CheckBox offers a cost-saving and time-efficient solution for pen testing services without compromising on quality. By automating the testing process, we reduce costs for clients by 50% on average compared to traditional services. With our streamlined approach, testing can be completed in as little as 4 hours.

 This type of automated pen testing is easy, affordable, and efficient, meeting the requirements of most security frameworks and regulatory standards.


Automated Pen Testing for Multiple Frameworks

CheckBox pen testing is comprehensive and reporting meets the requirements for many of the most common regulatory frameworks. Depending on the controls involved, testing generally satisfies the following standards:


CheckBox Cuts Costs (But Not Quality)

Our service includes an executive summary, technical report, and recommendations for remediation. We ensure that no corners are cut by automating manual tests and assigning a single tester to set up and monitor testing activities. Finally, our team reviews findings and provides guidance for strengthening security measures and addressing vulnerabilities.

Within a few days of performing the pen tests, the I.S. Partners security team provides:

  • Executive summary of testing 
  • Technical report of testing 
  • Recommendations for remediation  

Once your team has had time to remediate the vulnerabilities that automated pen testing has discovered, remediation efforts are scheduled to make sure all security gaps are addressed.


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CheckBox automated penetration testing services are performed by our in-house cybersecurity experts in just a few hours. Use the form to request more information or schedule a call to discuss the details.


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