100% Remote Audits, IT Security Assessments & Compliance Solutions

Our professional team of assessors and auditors provide a range of IT security assessments and compliance attestations which can be performed remotely from the comfort of your own home.

If your organization needs a security assessment or compliance attestation, it can now be managed without travel or on-site fieldwork.

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Virtual Auditing Fit for Today’s Workforce – On-Site and Off

There is no need to put assessment and compliance efforts on hold because of social distancing or lockdown measures. Virtual auditing assessments are now the best way to ensure regulatory compliance and business continuity. We collaborate seamlessly with your staff – even those working from home – using secure technology.

I.S. Partners, LLC is moving to 100% remote auditing solutions, to assist clients during this period when travel and on-site work is restricted, but it’s nothing new to us. We have been performing remote audits since 2013, working with organizations all over the country and abroad.

Main Regulatory Agencies Are Now Accepting Virtual Auditing Assessments

Due to health protection measures related to the COVID-19 pandemic, regulatory bodies have announced that the following risk assessment, testing, advisory, and certification services can now be performed remotely:

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Virtual Audit Planning With I.S. Partners

We have the technology and experience to provide trustworthy risk assessment, testing, advisory, and certification services from virtually anywhere. If you are interested in learning more about remote IT security assessments and compliance attestations, fill out our form below to speak with an assessor at I.S. Partners today.

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