NIST AI RMF is the Leading Structured Approach to AI Risk Management

The NIST AI Risk Management Framework (AI RMF) is a comprehensive set of guidelines designed to help organizations manage risks associated with artificial intelligence (AI) systems.

It focuses on ensuring that AI technologies are reliable, safe, secure, transparent, accountable, and unbiased. The flexible AI RMF profiles can be tailored to fit the needs of various organizations across different industries.

The AI RMF represents a significant step in providing coherent guidance for responsible AI development and deployment as AI technologies rapidly advance.


A Universal Framework for All AI-Driven Industries

Artificial Intelligence has penetrated almost all kinds of industries. Its novel applications do not come without any risks, harmful biases, and associated vulnerabilities. The NIST AI RMF functions can help businesses in private and public sectors effectively manage AI products and potential risks.

Business industries that will benefit from compliance with the NIST AI RMF include the following:

  • Healthcare and HealthTech Industries
  • Finance and FinTech Industries
  • Manufacturing and Retail
  • Transportation
  • Government, Legal, and Defense Industries
  • Educational Institutions
  • Energy and Utility Industries
  • Telecommunications
  • SaaS and DaaS Companies
  • Insurance Industry


How to Become NIST AI RMF Ready

Becoming NIST AI RMF-ready has become indispensable for ensuring your AI systems are trustworthy, compliant, and efficient. At I.S. Partners, we use our extensive expertise in AI and compliance to guide you seamlessly through this process.

  1. Thorough evaluation of your current AI systems and risk management practices to identify gaps and areas needing improvement.
  2. Develop a customized roadmap tailored to your specific needs and the four AI RMF cores.
  3. Implement these steps, ensuring a smooth transition to the new framework.

With I.S. Partners, you can confidently manage AI risks and enhance the reliability and security of your AI systems.

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Navigate AI Compliance and Risk Management Confidently

The contributions of the AI system have become critical across industries. As such, compliance with a structured framework to manage AI risks is necessary for businesses. Despite being voluntary, compliance with NIST AI RMF provides essential protection to any business.

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Gap Identification

Identify gaps in your AI risk management for focused improvements.

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Detailed AI Risk Assessment

Evaluate your AI systems against NIST AI RMF to spot risks.

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Policy Creation

Implement a robust AI-acceptable use policy for responsible AI.

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Incident Response Exercise

Improve incident response with AI tabletop exercises.

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Business Development

 Access expert consulting for AI-driven business growth.

Achieve all AI risk management benefits and train your team on handling AI risks with the help of I.S. Partners!

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NIST AI RMF Consulting & Compliance Program

I.S. Partners offers all the necessary steps to establish a trustworthy AI system for any business industry. Our experts can tailor the process according to your resources, needs, and applicable industry standards.

Our compliance services include the following:

  • AI risk assessment against the NIST AI RMF core components
  • Assessment of AI system documentation and processes
  • Identification of gaps in AI risk management program
  • AI incident response tabletop exercise
  • Development of AI policy
  • Creation of an AI-acceptable use policy
  • AI business development consulting
  • Initial AI environmental scan via AI tabletop exercise
  • Customized training for organizations
  • Creation of AI governance and risk assessment plans
  • AI risk maturity model assessment

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Tailored Steps to NIST AI RMF Compliance

  • Objective: Understand client needs and project scope.
  • Activities: Gather initial information about AI systems and compliance goals.

  • Objective: Assess the relevance of AI systems to NIST AI RMF.
  • Activities: Conduct scoping exercises to determine AI system impacts and compliance requirements.
  • Deliverable: Initial scoping report outlining AI system relevance and initial compliance considerations.
  • Objective: Evaluate policies, processes, and personnel related to AI risk management.
  • Activities: Review existing AI policies, conduct process audits, and assess human factors.
  • Components of AI RMF Addressed: Framing risk, establishing harms and impacts, identifying actors and stakeholders, evaluating AI risk and trustworthiness characteristics.
  • Deliverables: Detailed AI assessment report highlighting deficiencies and weaknesses, methodology used by assessors, and maturity level communication of AI risk management program.
  • Objective: Provide actionable insights and a compliance roadmap.
  • Activities: Compile findings into comprehensive reports detailing AI assessment results, weaknesses, and deficiencies.
  • Deliverables: NIST AI RMF Plan of Actions and Milestones (POAM), inventory of weaknesses, proposed remediation activities, and recommendations for enhancing AI risk management.


Trust Our AI Compliance Experts

Navigate NIST AI RMF Standards with I.S. Partner’s expertise. Leverage our AI compliance experience to ensure trustworthy AI systems for your business. Our tailored approach guarantees streamlined compliance and robust security.

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Full U.S.-based team

Ensures a better understanding of the local business nuances and regulations.

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No Outsourcing

Work with the same dedicated team throughout the entire process.

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One-stop shop

Saves time and effort by offering all requisite services under one roof.

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Nearly 20 years of experience

Gives you access to our deep industry insights and tried-and-tested methods.

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Compatibility with your compliance software

Offers the flexibility to integrate with existing software like Drata, Vanta, or any other.

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Software Included (FREE!)

Benefit from our proprietary software at no additional cost.

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NIST AI RMF Assessment Timeframe and Frequency

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The NIST AI RMF compliance process is estimated to take approximately 45 days to complete.

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The NIST organization has not set an ideal assessment frequency for the voluntary implementation of NIST AI RMF. The appropriate frequency could range from quarterly to annually or be triggered by major changes to AI systems.


The Price to Kickstart Your AI Compliance Journey

NIST AI RMF compliance involves several rounds of assessments and remediation stages to ensure proper implementation. The estimated cost to complete the entire process is approximately $15,000.

This cost estimate includes the following deliverables.

  • AI assessment report
  • Methodology used by assessors
  • Maturity level communication of AI risk management program
  • NIST AI RMF Plan of Actions and Milestones (POAM)
  • Inventory of vulnerabilities and deficiencies
  • Proposed remediation activities
  • AI policy and procedure documentation
  • Detailed AI RMF roadmap outlining steps to achieve compliance

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Through the years, I.S. Partners has continued to help us earn and maintain our compliance positions and we are very grateful for the professional standard that they have guided us to achieve. We value their “trusted advisor” partnership they have created with us and would highly recommend them to anyone pursuing these achievements.

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Tom Russo

President doeLEGAL, LLC

I.S. Partners helped AvMed to effectively and efficiently implement the Model Audit Rule, while also serving as a true business partner in enabling AvMed to understand and where appropriate implement best practices. I would highly recommend IS Partners for anyone looking to engage a firm that brings and delivers a unique and differentiating service experience.

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Randy L. Stuart

Senior Vice President & CFO AvMed

The Audit team provided us a thorough audit guideline prior to the on-site visit. This allowed ePay to successfully prepare for the audit. This onsite visit was conducted in a very timely and professional manner. If your company is looking for outstanding audit and compliance services at a very competitive price, I.S. Partners is a great fit.

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Thomas Simoncic

Chief Operating Officer VRS Vericlaim, a Toplis & Harding Company

I have used I.S. Partners for a variety of services and have always found the product of top quality.

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Mark Monroe

Director Internal Audit DentaQuest

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