I.S. Partners’ Mobile Application Penetration Testing Services

The cybersecurity experts at I.S. Partners’ understand the need for mobile application assurance. We provide IOS and Android app developers with assurance that their products are safe and secure and make practical suggestions for improvement whenever appropriate.

Mobile app pen testing is also an attestation for organizations looking to adopt new apps within their environment and end users who can use the application with confidence.

What Is Mobile Application Penetration Testing?

Our mobile application pen testing reveals vulnerabilities in the cyber security controls of a mobile app designed for use on iOS and Android devices. This type of pen testing involves the replication of different types of threats that have the potential to impact various levels of application security. Penetration testing for mobile apps covers the following:

  • Client-side attacks: Exploit vulnerabilities, such as outdated libraries that leave a mobile app vulnerable.
  • Server-side attacks: Testing for bugs and configuration issues.
  • Update attacks: Checks that an application doesn’t have vulnerabilities that can be exploited during an update process.
  • Real-world attacks: Replicate real-life situations that could pose a threat to the security of an application.
  • Hybrid attacks: Test how the application handles inputs from various sources.
  • Functional testing: Checking each functionality or transaction for security flaws that need to be fixed by developers.
  • Data traffic monitoring: Analyzes SSL/TLS certificates and helps test network communications for vulnerabilities such as cross-domain policy, certificate pinning and data leakage.
Mobile Application Penetration Testing

FAQs about Mobile Application Penetration Testing

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