SOC For Vendor Supply Chain

As the AICPA continues to explore new ways to help organizations protect their data and internal technology, a SOC for Vendor Supply Chain guidance has been proposed.

The SOC for Supply Chain assurance examination and report would create new criteria to be used when reporting on an entity’s production, manufacturing or distribution system in an effort to clearly understand the cybersecurity risks within their supply chains.

SOC for vendor supply chain


Better Control of Supply Chain Risks

As demand for transparent vendor supply chains increases, the development of this new attest service is critical. The SOC for Supply Chain report would provide relevant and reliable information on risk to an organization’s supply chains, thus allowing that organization to mitigate risk.

As organizations continue to rely on technology to assist in their product distribution and manufacturing, risks increase. For example, a cybersecurity attack on a manufacturer’s system could render a significant impact on the user entity of the product.


Seamless SOC for Vendor Supply Chain Auditing

As part of the SOC examination process, I.S. Partners will perform a readiness or gap assessment to:

  • Identify control activities to meet each of your objectives or criteria
  • Determine potential test procedures and evidence available to satisfy each
  • Provide recommendations for greater control activities and/or documentation


Anxiety Free Vendor Supply Chain Audits

From start to finish, the I.S. Partners’ audit team will collaborate with your organization to ensure an anxiety-free experience. Our SOC audit services are designed to help your organization build trust without increasing stress for your staff. 

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