Virtual CISO Services & Fractional CISO Consulting

Whether you’re in a regulated industry or not, it is crucial to have an engaged security leader. This individual will help build up your cyber-security foundation and provide agile leadership so that evolving threats can be detected before they become serious problems for the whole organization. 

The New Wave in Enterprise Governance: vCISO Services 

If hiring a full-time chief information security officer (CISO) is not plausible for your organization, you may be interested to learn more about the new wave in the industry: virtual CISOs. Fractional CISO services are the solution to a number of challenges that businesses are facing today. These include the rising cost of employing a full-time information security professional, the difficulty of hiring and retaining a skilled CISO in today’s competitive market, as well as the growing need for proactive IT security. 


Fractional CISOs Bring Experience, Expertise, Leadership 

Virtual CISO services are a cost-effective way for organizations of all sizes to get cyber security expertise to help manage risk, protect data, and improve their overall security posture. Your organization gets a trusted advisor who is dedicated to working as part of your internal security and compliance team.   

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Faster Setup

It’s quicker and easier to match with an outsourced professional than find and hire a full-time employee.


Lower Costs

Outsourced services incur significantly lower costs when compared to a full-time, executive-level employee. 

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Remote Services

With the flexibility of remote services, your team can focus on projects and scale up or down as needed. 


Skills & Experience

Your organization benefits from the same skillset and level of experience, if not more, with a fractional CISO role.


Full CISO Consulting Services Fit to Your Needs

If the idea of fractional CISO services interests you, but you’re not sure what the next steps are, we can help. Choosing the right service provider to align you with the best virtual CISO is the first and most critical step. I.S. Partners is proud to deliver CISO advisory services, ensuring that the experience is flawless. 

We have the technical expertise and communication skills to make an immediate difference. Our experts are serving in a broad range of industries for companies that vary greatly in size – we can help you align information security strategies with your unique needs.  

Fractional CISO Services Can Include:

  • Performing an initial vulnerability assessment 
  • Developing privacy and security policies and procedures 
  • Planning incident response procedures 
  • Directing the information security team 
  • Engaging with executive management 
  • Running risk assessments, penetration testing, and security audits 
  • Providing threat intelligence and modeling 
  • Lead governance and compliance efforts 
  • Training personnel 


What I.S. Partners Delivers 

  1. Clear security strategy and roadmap. 
  2. Budget estimates and report of security needs for top management. 
  3. Assessment and attestation of implemented policies and procedures. 
  4. Metrics for evaluating continual improvement over time. 
  5. Dedicated guidance at every step by a single point person. 

From businesses to governments to educational institutions, we help align a variety of organizations with trusted virtual CISOs that will propel their security programs into success. A virtual CISO from I.S. Partners will provide you with the experience you need to meet current demands. Interested in learning more?


Partner with Us for vCISO Consulting Services

In a world where everything is increasingly linked together, a successful cyber security program has never been more critical. Our diverse team of compliance specialists understand this; that’s why we want to offer you a comprehensive suite of services to aid your security needs. Our vCISO provides you with the same executive experience; the only difference is that this individual will be remote. 

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