Internal Penetration Testing for Network & Infrastructure Security

With rising cybersecurity threats, compliance requirements, and penalties for non-compliance, businesses are looking for more ways to be proactive. Your organization’s security approach may seem full proof, but how can you be sure that it will stand up to in the event of employee negligence or error?

Internal penetration testing is a tool used by organizations to find vulnerabilities in the network. The information gained from pen tests is invaluable. Once weaknesses are discovered, then the organization can work to properly address them and minimize the associated risk.

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What Is Involved In Internal Penetration Testing?

I.S. Partners, LLC. internal pen testing respects industry best practices and documented security testing methodologies, including:

  • Internal network scanning,
  • Services probing,
  • Firewall and ACL analysis,
  • System fingerprinting,
  • Network equipment security controls tests,
  • Database security controls tests,
  • Configuration weakness testing,
  • Limited application layer testing,
  • Manual vulnerability scans and verification,
  • Password strength verification,
  • Port scanning,
  • Exploit research,
  • Third-party and vendor security configuration verification.

Your Partners For Solid Network Security

Many organizations focus solely on external threats. But addressing internal threats is also critical to a complete cybersecurity program and maintaining an effective and secure infrastructure. Find out more about how the specialists at I.S. Partners, LLC. can assist your company in protecting against insider threats through reliable internal penetration testing.

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