What is the Federal Information Security Management Act?

The FISMA compliance standard provides guidelines for assessing information systems supporting the executive agencies of the federal government. It also determines the proper handling and management of federal information.  

I.S. Partners has a team of experts familiar with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) and the current compliance requirements. We can provide guidance on all aspects of FISMA compliance, from developing security policies to implementing technical controls. 

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Organizations that Need FISMA Audits 

Any government agency or organization working with federal government data must adhere to this standard in order to safeguard its information systems.  

Even though your organization may not work directly with federal agencies or contractors, your organization can still undergo a FISMA assessment. Assessments performed by I.S. Partners, LLC rely on the NIST standards to evaluate whether your information system meets assurance requirements and will reveal any gaps in information system safeguards.


How Our Team Supports FISMA Compliance 

I.S. Partners, LLC helps government agencies, and their service providers, achieve compliance with FISMA information security standards by: 

  • Implementing plans to reduce risk to government information assets. 
  • Developing an efficient and measurable security program. 
  • Guidance with evolving FISMA compliance requirements. 
  • Creating and maintaining the required inventory of major systems. 
  • Identifying and prioritizing risks. 
  • Designing and creating managed services for tracking and reporting. 

In support of ongoing FISMA compliance, I.S. Partners guides clients in implementing and testing security measures to the necessary information systems, evaluating their efficacy, analyzing the risks at the organizational level, and monitor security controls. 


Steps to FISMA Audit Success

To identify the risks to federal information systems and comply with this requirement, agencies must undergo regular FISMA assessments. A compliance assessment compares your organization’s current compliance status to FISMA standards and becomes the foundation for developing a plan to address any gaps. 

A FISMA assessment conducted by our team of security experts identifies which standards apply to your organization, reviews current security policies and procedures, evaluates technical controls, and documents your compliance status. 

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What I.S. Partners Delivers 

In preparation for a FISMA audit, we identify protected data, identify the controls that should be included in system security plan documentation, set baseline controls, and run a targeted risk assessment. After examining your organization’s current information security system, our compliance team will you with: 

  • System Security Plan,  
  • Security Assessment Report,  
  • Plan of Action and Milestones. 


Take the Anxiety out of FISMA Complaince

What makes I.S. Partners, LLC different from other firms is our combination of systematic risk methodology and specialized experience. Our skilled compliance auditors know how to get your organization prepared for FISMA compliance and set for audit success.

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