Vulnerability Scanning to Ensure PCI Compliance

Your company’s future depends on achieving and maintaining compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements. PCI DSS regulations for protecting cardholder data require all merchant levels to have regular network scans in order to detect possible vulnerabilities. These scans can only be performed by PCI-certified Approved Scanning Vendors.

ASV scanning involves utilizing a set of data security services and tools to verify compliance with PCI DSS standards. To do this, ASVs carry out an external vulnerability scan of an entity’s network. This includes devices, IP addresses, and network components that are considered in-scope for the scan. The results include valuable information about network weaknesses which can then be used to remediate and strengthen their system.


Approved Scanning Vendor Services

I.S. Partners, LLC has met all of the strict standards set by the PCI SSC for ASVs to perform scans and check security procedures. This includes registration, program guide approval, and receiving an attestation of compliance through the PCI SSC. We help ensure that organizations meet the six objectives defined by PCI DSS:

  1. Develop and implement a clear information security policy,
  2. Build and maintain a secure network,
  3. Run a vulnerability management program,
  4. Apply solid access control measures,
  5. Monitor and test network security,
  6. Protect cardholder data.


Comprehensive Support For PCI Compliance

PCI compliance is complex, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. I.S. Partners, LLC. provides complete external scanning services for companies of all sizes. We work closely with clients to understand their risk assessment goals and create a strategy for testing without disrupting regular business operations.

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