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Start your journey towards CMMC audit readiness and compliance with I.S. Partners. Our skilled team conducts gap assessments and amends policies and processes specifically focused on aligning with the CMMC criteria.  

The Department of Defense has instituted the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) framework to assist contractors in protecting unclassified information in the DIB supply chain. CMMC is an essential certification for contractors executing work under an approved CMMI-SVC or CMMI‑SE/CMM integrated structure. 

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What’s Needed for CMMC Compliance?

CMMC audits gauge a company’s risk mitigation maturity level against relevant CMMI implementation ratings. This forms the basis for risk management decisions, assisting federal agencies to secure contractor data within the DIB supply chain effectively. 

As per the recent CMMC regulations, a standard self-assessment of compliance is not enough for contractors and their subcontractors. Compliance audits and site inspections must be conducted by a certified CMMC third-party assessment organization (C3PAO) and CMMI-accredited auditors. This entails an assessment of information security programs, systems, and controls.

  • CMMC certification is mandatory for contractors in the DoD’s DIB supply chain.
  • Annual CMMC audits must cover risk mitigation and maturity level. 
  • Contractors must show compliance with the 100 program areas of the CMMC framework.  
  • Site inspections and attestation must be carried out by third-party CMMC auditors. 


Clear Guidance for Certification Success

Taking the first steps toward achieving CMMC compliance can be a daunting process. However, with I.S. Partners by your side, it no longer has to be. We offer tailored CMMC compliance services that take your organization from the initial gap assessment through readiness preparation and straight into the compliance audit.   


CMMC Gap Assessment

Companies working towards achieving CMMC compliance should initiate a gap assessment with I.S. Partners ahead of their formal audit. In this interaction, we carefully review documentation, processes, and technologies to determine the level of compliance with CMMC controls. 

We help your team get in audit-ready shape with detailed reported findings. Any detected gaps are linked to the associated CMMC controls to make remediation faster and more effective. 

CMMC Compliance Readiness

Our expert team examines your organization’s people, processes, and technology against the practices of the CMMC to establish readiness for the compliance procedure. We guide DIB contractors through the CMMC audit readiness by assessing control design and implementation, updating compliance policies and practices, and preparing documentation for certification. 

  • SSP Documentation – We collaborate with you to document strategies, standards, and policies to meet the CMMC requirements and enhance your compliance practices. 
  • Policy & Process Remediation – Understanding the importance of thorough documentation for CMMC compliance, many companies find the need to create formal policy and process documentation

CMMC Compliance Audit 

Following the readiness evaluation, our CMMC consultants will define the controls that your organization should implement to meet the required certification level. Then, the I.S. Partners team will make a step-by-step plan to remediate any risk or control issues. This will make sure you’re ready for the certification audit. Lastly, our auditors will give you a detailed, unbiased CMMC audit and a report to prove your compliance. 


I.S. Partners | Advisory for CMMC Compliance Certification 

With our expert guidance, your journey to fulfilling CMMC requirements becomes smooth and efficient, culminating in auditors providing an unbiased, detailed CMMC audit and a comprehensive compliance report. With I.S. Partners, you’re not just meeting compliance – you’re mastering it. 

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