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As a frontline defender against cybersecurity threats, we provide our esteemed clientele with a range of tailor-made solutions to help them tackle potential cyber threats and compliance challenges in a complex digital landscape. From compliance management and certification in renowned international standards like GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 50001 to national directives such as HITRUST® and PCI DSS, we ensure your business secures and maintains the necessary certifications. We also cater to businesses dealing with specialized regulations like NIST, CMMC, HIPAA-HITECH, MAR/SOX and NERC CIP. Additionally, for businesses that require explicit data protection mandates, we facilitate compliance with GLBA, CCPA and NYDFS regulations. 


As the risk of data breaches and the threat of cybercrime targeting consumer data increase, privacy and security have become global concerns. Since it went into effect in May 2018, GDPR has set strong standards regarding data governance, monitoring, and awareness, as well as strategic decision-making related to the use of consumer data.


As a transparent reporting solution, Green Power Pass (GPP) helps companies benefit from the renewable energy improvements made by the data centers they rely on. Our attestation services assist data center customers with annual wind, solar, and other renewable power consumption reports.


CMMC is an essential certification for Department of Defense contractors protect sensitive information. This particular framework of standards for cybersecurity implementation has been designed to increase safeguards against cyberattacks throughout the DIB. Our firm provides CMMC gap assessment, compliance readiness, and compliance audit services.


Designed initially to certify compliance related to protected health information, HITRUST certification is now trusted in a wide range of industries. The HITRUST framework sets high standards for data security and has been widely adopted for effective risk management. HITRUST certification, with help from the qualified auditors at I.S. Partners, is a way to clearly show stakeholders that your company meets this security benchmark.

ISO 27001

Companies that collect, store, transmit, and process sensitive data from customers are responsible for staying compliant with security regulations. ISO 27001 is a series of auditable requirements for information security management systems. I.S. Partners, LLC. provides comprehensive ISO 27001 risk assessments to identify any gaps between current policies and processes and the controls outlined in the ISO 27001 framework.

ISO 50001

This specialized certification for energy management systems acts as a testament to private and public organizations’ commitment to environmental conservation. The ISO 50001 framework helps companies to reduce consumption and costs, while increasing energy efficiency. I.S. Partners provides reliable internal and external auditing for this type of energy certification.


Preventing data breaches means avoiding penalties and fines, but it also works to strengthen a company’s reputation. Our PCI services support these important corporate security goals. With a project management approach to optimize time, workflow, and budget, the I.S. Partners team offers customized compliance solutions and guides our clients through the process.

PCI Compliance Testing

PCI compliance related to managing cardholder data is critical for so many companies these days. As a PCI-certified approved scanning vendor, our company delivers trustworthy external vulnerability scans. Learn more about our data security services and tools designed to verify that your company is compliant with PCI DSS.

PCI Transformation

Keeping up with PCI compliance can be an arduous and expensive undertaking. With our innovative transformation services, your organization can reach its security goals while decreasing the cost and time associated with assessments and certification.


I.S. Partners provides SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, SOC for Cybersecurity, and SOC for Vendor Supply Chain gap assessment, readiness, auditing and reporting services.

Federal Compliance Regulations


Government agencies and organizations handling federal government data must comply with FISMA regulations to protect their information systems adequately. Our team works with agencies to analyze information systems and verify that controls meet the assurance requirements.


NIST 800-171 regulations were founded to guide agencies in safeguarding sensitive federal information and data in external information systems. This type of assessment supports the staff of federal contractors in the proper handling of valuable data and comply with all standards currently in force. The experienced advisors at I.S. Partners implement gap analysis using the cybersecurity framework, readiness assessments and validation testing.


These regulations were developed to assure medical data security and confidentiality. Organizations handling PHI and ePHI must comply with these regulations and show they have the appropriate security controls. I.S. Partners provides reliable risk assessment reports and assists organizations with gap analysis, remediation, and the steps toward full HIPAA-HITECH compliance.


I.S. Partners, LLC specializes in performing structured auditing to verify that our client’s controls are appropriate and working effectively towards meeting their obligations. Our team is highly experienced with SOX compliance, insurance regulatory compliance, control testing and validation, carrying out risk assessments, as well as building self-assessment programs.


All bulk power system owners, operators, and users are required to comply with NERC-approved Reliability Standards. NERC CIP is currently the only mandatory requirement designed to help electric utilities implement the appropriate security measures to protect vital data. The cybersecurity specialists at I.S. Partners, LLC. can assist these types of entities in achieving NERC CIP compliance.


Comprehensive auditing services ensure financial institutions meet the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) standards. Our team will review your security plan, policies, and procedures designed to protect customers’ nonpublic data and privacy.

State Compliance Regulations


CCPA was explicitly designed with the protection of consumer rights in mind. Now that affected businesses must be fully compliant, strict penalties for privacy violations can be levied. I.S. Partners, LLC. will help your organization understand this set of regulations and develop a strategy for achieving compliance.


NYDFS outlines requirements for developing and implementing effective cybersecurity programs to assess and mitigate risk. I.S. Partners, LLC. provides professional assistance in reaching, maintaining, and renewing NYDFS compliance certification.

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