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How the SOC 3® Report Helps Your Customers

Reputation is essential for any service provider. Your customers should trust they are working with a reliable organization that actively works to keep their information secure and confidential. 

A SOC 3 report will show your customers that your service organization has been audited by an unbiased, third-party CPA firm and that your service organization’s controls are suitably designed and effectively meet control objectives. Reporting is carried out following SOC 2 Type II attestation and in accordance with the same standards as SOC 2 compliance. 

A SOC 3 report is a recognizable sign of compliance and good standing. It is illustrated on a general-use report that provides only the auditor’s report on whether the system achieved the trust services criteria. Once earned, the auditor’s report may be posted on the recipient’s website and marketing materials. The SOC 3 report can give your customers the assurance that the information and data they give to your company will be kept secure and confidential. 

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Steps to SOC 3 Audit Success

  1. SOC 3 Assessment: First, the auditor assesses the effectiveness of the organization’s security controls and risk management program. This involves on-site inspections, systems testing, employee interviews, and documentation review. The assessment covers security protocols like encryption, access controls, disaster recovery, intrusion detection, multifactor authentication, firewalls, and performance monitoring.
  2. Attestation Report: After completing the assessment, the auditor prepares an attestation report that summarizes the results. This report only contains information that can be publicly disclosed. The auditor provides a statement of assurance confirming that the organization has met the standards for data confidentiality, access, and integrity.
  3. Publication: The organization has the option to publish its SOC 3 audit report on its website or use it in marketing and advertising campaigns.


Why Partner with Us for SOC 3 Reporting

SOC 3 reporting services offered by I.S. Partners, LLC deliver assurance that the controls in your service organization are well-designed, functional, and effective at protecting your customers’ financial statements. Our compliance reporting team gives service organizations peace of mind about the audit process and the thorough report it needs to demonstrate this to stakeholders. 


Take the Anxiety out of SOC 3 Audits

Get the best guidance for reporting in compliance from a CPA firm with extensive experience in performing SOC audits.  Start the process of achieving SOC 3 compliance.

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