About AWA

AWA, a division of I.S. Partners, LLC served as an extension of the controls-based CPA auditing firm and was formed in response to the growing market need for specialized information security services provided by skilled professionals with technical expertise.

Our IT security professionals have practical experience as leaders in the information technology field. They have worked hands-on as CISOs, information security managers, network engineers, IT project managers, as well as security and help desk professionals. AWA International Group utilizes cutting-edge methods and tools to keep your organization secure.


PCI compliance related to managing cardholder data is critical for so many companies these days. As a PCI-certified approved scanning vendor, our company delivers trustworthy external vulnerability scans. Learn more about our data security services and tools designed to verify that your company is compliant with PCI DSS.


CMMC is an essential certification for Department of Defense contractors protect sensitive information. This particular framework of standards for cybersecurity implementation has been designed to increase safeguards against cyberattacks throughout the DIB. Our firm provides CMMC gap assessment, compliance readiness, and compliance audit services.


NIST 800-171 regulations were founded to guide agencies in safeguarding sensitive federal information and data in external information systems. This type of assessment supports the staff of federal contractors in the proper handling of valuable data and comply with all standards currently in force. The experienced advisors at I.S. Partners implement gap analysis using the cybersecurity framework, readiness assessments and validation testing.

External Penetration Testing

Our team of auditors has the experience and insight needed to help your company maintain the required information security compliance policies. We employ penetration tests to verify that our client’s security system is adequate and identify any technical flaws, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities.

Internal Penetration Testing Services

Your organization should rely on an auditing partner, such as I.S. Partners, LLC., to help identify network security weaknesses and manage risk. Internal penetration testing is a powerful tool for discovering vulnerabilities and developing strategies to address them. Our technical team works with organizations of all types, all over the country, to test and strengthen their security programs.

CheckBox Penetration Testing

CheckBox Pen Testing is a cost-effective solution for meeting vendor and regulatory requirements. With automation, testing is completed in about half the time and at half the cost of traditional methods. Testing fulfills standards such as HIPAA, ISO, NIST, CMMC, HITRUST i1, and SOC.

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