What is ISO 27001?

ISO 27001 is a series of information management standards developed by the International Organization of Standardization (ISO) in conjunction with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). Taking the place of the previous ISO/IEC 27001:2005, the ISO 27001 lists those auditable requirements related to Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) that an organization must adhere to in order to remain compliant.

As part of your business operations, your organization may collect, store, transmit, or process sensitive information gathered from your customers. As a result, you will need to establish a set of security controls and objectives based on specific operations to handle risk management of this information. Your organization may voluntarily adopt ISO 27001 standards into your policies and procedures to keep this information secure.

How can I be sure that my customers’ information is secure?

I.S. Partners, LLC can perform an ISO 27001 Risk Assessment that provides a clear understanding of the gaps between your company’s current information security policies and systems management processes and the controls related to the ISO 27001 framework, and will provide a phased roadmap empowering your company to close those gaps. We will examine targeted objectives of your ISMS to see if your controls align with established ISO 27001 standards. An ISO 27001 Risk Assessment includes:

  • Project planning to ensure that expectations, timelines and deliverables are appropriately managed
  • Interviews with process owners to determine the company’s current IT environment and information security management and system administration processes
  • Analysis of the results, and preparation of a detailed technical summary and risk matrix
  • Issuance of a security assessment report to company management

What are the benefits of an ISO 27001 Risk Assessment?

  • Enhanced Reputation: Those who understand the basis of ISO 27001 standards know that they exist as a result of recognized best practices. Your company’s adherence to these standards shows your commitment to following such practices within your organization.
  • Improved Business Performance: The ISO standards themselves are constantly being updated, thus allowing for the continuous improvement of your internal processes as you work to stay current with new standards.
  • Commercial Recognition: Many potential customers now understand the significance of maintaining a rigorous and universally-accepted security standard. Thus, if you can demonstrate that your company adheres to this standard, you may have an advantage over your competitors who don’t.

The ISO 27001 Seal of Excellence

This seal certifies that an organization has maintained an effective and stable Information Security Management System at a certain point in time, and has adhered to the ISO 27001 management standard.

ISO 27001 Seal
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