What Is PCI Transformation?

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is a security standard that applies to all businesses and organizations that collect, store, process, or transfer payment information from customers. Compliance efforts related to PCI regulations can be time-consuming and expensive. 

PCI Transformation is a method for narrowing the compliance scope and solving problems for businesses as they work to achieve compliance. This approach uses PCI best practices to close gaps in security and streamline PCI DSS reporting. And, ultimately, the goal is to support PCI audit success and reduce the costs of compliance efforts. Additionally, it assists businesses in reducing their susceptibility to payment card data breaches and avoiding fines and penalties for failing to comply with PCI requirements.

  • Identifying opportunities to reduce payment card footprint.
  • Implement network segmentation controls to reduce the cardholder data environment.
  • Tokenization, or the substitution of payment card number with a token that references the payment card number, but which cannot be monetized.
  • Use of third parties.

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I.S. Partners’ AWA division assists business owners in understanding the end-to-end flow of payment card data. We’ll visit with IT support teams to identify key ways to reduce scope and streamline the work required to comply with the PCI DSS.

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