Protecting Data with Web Application Penetration Testing

Software applications used online can prove to be a major vulnerability for companies. This is because applications for email, streaming, project management, CMS and for tracking patient information are used often and facilitate traffic through multiple ports. Without the proper safeguards, it’s possible to hack through the web application and access the organization’s data network.



How We Help Defend Your Organization

I.S. Partners provides 360-degree security services. Through web application scanning and simulated attacks, we work to uncover any vulnerabilities. Then, we analyze the results and provide clients with a clear report outlining the status of the web applications and identifying any weaknesses.

Ongoing scanning provides real-time information so that issues can be properly addressed and prevent data breaches. Formulating a remediation plan for the web application vulnerabilities then prioritizes the actions that need to be taken to ensure secure operations. In this way, the information gained from scanning, testing, and analysis is condensed into a clear action plan for the organization.


Reliable Web App Security

I.S. Partners knows that web application security is important for your growing organization today and needs to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Contact us for more information.

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