GDPR compliance certification is valuable.

Self-assessment and readiness measures are reasonable first steps. Still, only an audit performed by a certified practitioner can provide the highest level of assurance for your company and its stakeholders.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance audits verify data protection policies and practices, check internal controls, and ensure no significant vulnerabilities are present. GDPR compliance services include assessment and consultation to provide recommendations for improving policies, controls, and implementation. 

With a successful audit report, organizations decrease the risk of heavy penalties for noncompliance, strengthen their data security posture, and demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding consumer data.

GDPR compliance consulting also provides a way to improve data protection measures, raise awareness about the importance of security, and bolster training programs.  

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Why choose I.S. Partners for GDPR compliance services? 

Our GDPR Assessment Program includes: 

  • Consulting services 
  • Gap assessment of GDPR regulations 
  • Automated evidence gathering for process controls 
  • Efficiency for managing remediation activities by task/resource 
  • Dashboards and flexible reporting 
  • Management of documents and policies that can be applied to almost any process flow 
  • GDPR compliance audit and report


Prepare for GDPR compliance in the fastest way.

When you work with I.S. Partners, our goal is to make compliance an achievable, and anxiety-free, process. We will guide you to success from the initial approach and readiness through GDPR audit and compliance certification. This includes collecting documentation, defining the scope of the assessment, mapping the flow of data through your environment, identifying vulnerabilities and assessing the risk of a breach.


Time to get GDPR compliant? Let’s get started! 

In order to maintain your strong business relationships with your EU customers without facing fines and penalties, you must ensure that you are fully compliant with GDPR regulations. Our I.S. Partners’ team has a comprehensive GDPR Readiness Assessment Program and GDPR Audit Services to make sure your organization is fully on point.

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