External Pen Test for Better Security

This type of security assessment simulates remote cyberattacks that aim to access an organization’s internal computer network. Penetration testing identifies exploitable vulnerabilities – such as exposed servers and users – and verify web application firewall protections. The information gained helps improve security policies and patch vulnerabilities.



Steps to External Penetration Testing Success

Our team of experts follows a phased methodology to assess security controls against real-world attacks:

  • Phase 0: Planning and Preparation – First, our security specialists define the scope, type, and timing of the testing.
  • Phase 1: Information Gathering and Analysis – Then, we utilize tools from the OSINT Framework as well as proprietary tools to gather information about the targets and target company. This information is analyzed and used to determine potential attack vectors.
  • Phase 2: Vulnerability Detection – Next, we utilize industry standard tools such as NMAP, Nessus to scan for and discover active hosts and open ports within the provided scope. The results of these scans will be analyzed by the tester to determine potential attack vectors.
  • Phase 3: Exploitation – Based on the analysis of the information gathering and vulnerability detection phases, our team will attempt to exploit vulnerable systems. If the exploitation attempt is successful, we will attempt to pivot into other systems and determine the extent of systems and data which could be compromised due to this vulnerability.
  • Phase 4: Reporting – After performing a thorough review of the organization’s environment to identify risks to the business, our experts produce a detailed report, consisting of all findings along with recommended, prioritized countermeasures to ensure security best practices are successfully incorporated.


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