The Need for Data Security in Every Industry

Data security is a hot topic in every industry but has remained fragmented in terms of the standards used to enhance protection. Now there is a cybersecurity framework that can be used across industries to implement data protections – the HITRUST framework.

Originally designed to simplify regulatory compliance and risk management for the healthcare industry, the HITRUST CSF has evolved to bring all the main regulatory requirements under one umbrella. Organizations outside the healthcare industry have noticed and other industries are recognizing the valuable advantages of adopting this comprehensive security and privacy framework.

With the recent release of the HITRUST CSF v9.2 update, the framework has further unified requirements across authoritative sources such as HIPAA/HITECH, ISO, NIST, PCI DSS, and COBIT. What does this mean? By combining these frameworks, the HITRUST CSF is now applicable to organizations of all sizes and industries. It is even more scalable, adaptable to handle all types of data, and streamlined through a single, comprehensive assessment and certification process.

What is involved in the HITRUST Certification Process?

How HITRUST Has Expanded to Apply to More Industries

Since HITRUST CSF version 9.2 was published, the framework has become more widely applicable. The language was modified to include HIPAA and ePHI without focusing exclusively on them. This change made the HITRUST CSF clearer for organizations outside of healthcare to understand the scope of each requirement and how to implement security controls. With an industry-nonspecific approach, entities operating in other fields that work with sensitive data are able to gain the same assurance about their information security and privacy posture.

This expansion has continued with subsequent HITRUST CSF versions. For example, with the inclusion of new compliance requirements, the HITRUST CSF has become applicable to more entities working internationally. For example, it integrates the data protection requirements outlined by the European Union’s GDPR. And in the most recent version released – HITRUST version 9.4 – the framework also integrated the DoD CMMC.

Further Expansion Expected in 2020

This expansion is expected to continue with the new HITRUST CSF version 10.0 scheduled to debut in the fourth quarter of 2020. Introducing a framework restructure, this new version will feature a core information protection framework that is applicable to entities in any industry plus a set of industry-focused controls. In this way, each organization will be able to further tailor the scope to fit their needs.

Why More Businesses Are Adopting HITRUST

With so much at stake, the need to protect sensitive data is increasingly important across industries. The advantages of using HITRUST® to guide security operations are undeniable for healthcare entities and companies with interests beyond the medical field.

It’s Applicable to All Kinds of Organizations.

Because the HITRUST CSF is both risk- and compliance-based, organizations can tailor the security and privacy control baselines according to organization type, the IT environment, and applicable regulatory requirements. It guides the implementation of stronger data protection and information risk management practices in every industry with a highly recognized framework and proven assessment methodology.

It Makes the Compliance Process More Efficient.

The HITRUST CSF is a certifiable framework that provides organizations with an efficient approach to regulatory compliance and risk management. Developed in collaboration with IT security professionals from multiple fields, it unifies relevant regulations and standards into a single overarching security and privacy framework.

The HITRUST CSF brings everything together in one place. Through this unified framework, all types of organizations can save on the time, effort, and expense related to security assessments and compliance certification.

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It Supports Third-Party Risk Management.

Using the HITRUST Third-Party Assurance Program®, organizations are able to strengthen vendor relationships with their commitment to security. It provides a well-defined and consistent risk management framework to assist in benchmarking your organization’s cybersecurity program against other industry’s internal and external organizations. Well-equipped to evaluate vendors and suppliers, this protects your organization and the third-party vendors already in the supply chain.

It’s a Recognizable Commitment to Security for Any Industry.

HITRUST certification demonstrates to stakeholders that your organization is fully committed to data security. It also helps organizations display their leadership to current and potential clients, gaining trust and a solid reputation for being a secure, forward-thinking organization. With an industry-standard solution in place, internal and external stakeholders are more confident in the organizational management and its ability to address industry-specific standards.

It Grows with the Entity.

Companies of any size can work with the HITRUST CSF and adapt the controls to fit their environment, even if it changes over time. Plus, it assists them in staying up to date, year over year. Organizations are able to assess and benchmark their performance in relation to existing and newly released industry requirements.

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HITRUST Beyond Healthcare – Which Industries Are Seeing the Benefits?

So, exactly what type of industries beyond healthcare are beginning to adopt the HITRUST method? We are seeing more companies from the life sciences, financial, insurance, technology, and hospitality sectors approaching HITRUST.

Big names like Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Salesforce are now boasting HITRUST certification. They are attracted by the many benefits named above and appreciate the unified nature of this specific framework. Notably, the comprehensive Assess Once, Report Many™ method helps companies regulated by multiple state, national, and international standards eliminate overlaps in the assessment and compliance reporting process.

By combining several regulatory standards into one framework, the HITRUST CSF is quickly becoming one of the strongest and most widely accepted security tools across many sectors. Adopting organizations benefit from a well-respected cyber threat analysis center and a network of qualified experts – like those at I.S. Partners – who are ready to help with assessment and certification.

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Should Your Organization Rely on HITRUST?

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