Businesses in search of a trustworthy cybersecurity and IT security compliance consulting firm in Philadelphia, and beyond, now have an extra reason to choose I.S. Partners. With threats to data security on the rise and data breaches becoming more commonplace, identifying a dependable partner for securing your company is an immeasurable priority in today’s digital era. 

The Manifest, a reputed platform connecting businesses with top-notch service providers, compiles an annual ranking of the best B2Cs in a handful of categories annually. This year, I.S. Partners was ranked #9 among Philadelphia’s top 100 cybersecurity consulting companies. 

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Since its inception in 2006, it has grown into a small yet powerful team of dedicated experts adept at addressing various IT and business challenges.  

Special Recognition for I.S. Partners, LLC 

What sets I.S. Partners apart? It’s their uncompromising dedication towards proactive security and compliance. Plus, the firm’s comprehensive approach to IT strategy, wide range of service offerings, and an enviable track record of customer satisfaction stand out in this aggressively competitive landscape. 

I.S. Partners’ recognition as one of the best cybersecurity consulting companies is a clear testament to their impeccable services. 

I.S. Partners, LLC is a cybersecurity firm that’s focused on tailoring solutions to meet their clients’ unique needs. The firm delivers tailored cybersecurity solutions that include audits, assessments, and implementation, along with ongoing training opportunities. They offer ISMS assessments to help streamline management processes related to information asset protection, policies, and programs. The firm also helps businesses with third-party risk assessments, developing customized risk management strategies, and performing regular checks to monitor the performance and risks associated with all external partners in a company’s network. 

To serve the ever-growing domain of cloud computing, I.S. Partners performs thorough cloud security assessments, provides cybersecurity training, and oversees in-depth ISMS risk assessments. The firm also manages third-party risk assessments to ensure the security of their clients’ extended business networks. 

More than Just Cybersecurity 

Aside from cybersecurity, I.S. Partners provides various business continuity services, including disaster preparedness, policy and procedure development, and internal auditing. They offer unique staffing solutions, such as internal audit outsourcing and fractional compliance roles. Additionally, they provide virtual CISO services to help strengthen cybersecurity programs. 

In terms of regulatory compliance, I.S. Partners caters to various sectors, including the energy and utility sector, financial institutions, public sector organizations, healthcare entities, and telecommunications providers. They specialize in assisting with compliance management, helping businesses achieve and maintain critical standards like GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 50001, HITRUST®, and PCI DSS. They also provide guidance for businesses interfacing with specialist regulations such as NIST, CMMC, HIPAA-HITECH, MAR/SOX, and NERC CIP

To make audits more efficient, I.S. Partners has developed a proprietary compliance management software and partners with multiple leading compliance automation software vendors. I.S. Partners takes pride in its combined control model, which leverages their technical expertise to provide practical and cost-effective solutions. Their services blend business risk expertise, IT resources, and security expertise to offer a comprehensive compliance solution customized to clients’ needs. 

The company’s competent audit teams are comprised of seasoned experts from several ‘Big 4’ firms. Their extensive expertise and professional achievements have earned them the trust of numerous industry leaders. In all, the practitioners at I.S. Partners boast an impressive array of certifications, including Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Information Security Managers (CISM), Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP), and Certified Risk Management Assurance (CRMA). The firm is also certified by the Insitute of Internal Auditors, ISACA, and AICPA, recognized as a HITRUST authorized assessor, and a member of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Their team also includes PCI SSC Qualified security assessors, underscoring their comprehensive approach towards cybersecurity and compliance. 

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More about B2C Company Rankings by Manifest 

With its reach of over 200,000 monthly users, the Manifest provides valuable assistance to businesses seeking reliable service providers. It helps companies needing accounting, marketing, IT, design, or development services.  

Offering guidance in the form of industry data, how-to guides, customer reviews, and vetted lists of top companies, it aligns customers with service providers suited to their company’s needs. It serves buyers of business services and provides an efficient platform for providers to showcase their client feedback and services to prospective customers. 

Learn more about I.S. Partners. Clients are also encouraged to leave a review for I.S. Partners on Clutch. 


The Manifest; “Top 100 Cybersecurity Companies in Philadelphia,” September 2023.  

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