Why should my company be concerned about IT security?

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated as they are compromise the computing systems of small and large businesses around the world. From viruses to malware, hackers are holding data information and IT systems hostage as they steal clients’ personal information, or prevent a business from engaging in daily operations.

A penetration test and vulnerability assessment evaluates the safeguards and controls of your company’s information management systems, and allows us to determine vulnerabilities and technical flaws in your computer systems.

What is the difference between penetration testing and vulnerability assessment?

When performing a penetration test, we simulate an actual hacking attack that targets vulnerabilities that may be present in live servers and computer infrastructures. With this type of simulation, we can analyze where the weakness or failure occurred so that your company can make the necessary improvements.

A vulnerability assessment is a less intrusive assessment of a live computer system that does not require an active exploitation of the system. This assessment can allow you to learn more about your present security system, and whether it is sufficient for your operations.

Internal vs External

Internal testing applies to your company’s Local Area Network (LAN), and all the computers, laptops, switches, printers and other devices inside your office that are only accessible within that network.

External testing applies to external devices that are accessible over the internet, or the public portion of your network. In this category are Web Servers (HTTP), Mail Servers (POP3 and SMTP) and DNS servers. These are generally classified as higher risk than those inside your company because they are exposed to the internet.

What does my company gain from penetration testing and vulnerability assessment?

Peace of mind! I.S. Partners, LLC’s team of auditors will ensure that you maintain necessary information security compliance policies for your business.

You will also have detailed reports to share with investors, management and shareholders concerning the costs that need to be invested in a secure computer and network system. In addition, your management will be able to discuss low-risk and high-risk vulnerabilities, as well as the impact these weaknesses will have to operations when your business technology changes and expands.

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