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The I.S. Partners firm is authorized by the HITRUST Alliance and we have a team of certified HITRUST assessors.

We make certification easy with expert guidance through every step – preparation, assessment, and certification. Our motto is “audits without anxiety,” and we live up to that. With 15 years of experience helping diverse organizations meet frameworks, our HITRUST experts are ready to guide you.

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HITRUST Certification Leads the Way in Data Security

HITRUST is an independent, non-profit that certifies organizations that handle sensitive data. They developed the Common Security Framework (CSF) with healthcare and security experts to standardize HIPAA compliance and other data security regulations. The HITRUST CSF provides an actionable roadmap tailored to the unique needs of healthcare. The framework has become the most widely adopted in the industry and the standard for compliance.

HITRUST combines requirements from ISO, NIST, HIPAA, PCI DSS and COBIT into one comprehensive guideline. Because of this, other industries like financial services, retail, education, and government are also adopting HITRUST to streamline security compliance.


Why Pursue HITRUST Certification?

The HITRUST Approach is a complete information risk and compliance program. It helps organizations continuously improve their security as they evolve. Any organization that handles Protected Health Information can use HITRUST certification to show they meet high-security standards.

But it’s not limited to the healthcare industry. HITRUST incorporates major security requirements and best practices. It provides flexible cybersecurity based on different risks. Certification enhances credibility and reduces the time and cost of proving compliance. Many companies accept HITRUST certification as proof of vendor compliance.

Need to further your understanding on HITRUST? Utilize our HITRUST Assessment Glossary before getting started!

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Free HITRUST Audit Software for Our Clients

Fieldguide automated HITRUST audit software is free to use for all I.S. Partners clients. Start working with us and getting faster, less expensive compliance engagements.


Steps to HITRUST Assessment & Certification

We provide HITRUST readiness, certification, and improvement services for organizations and their business associates. This evaluates compliance with security standards and develops solutions to align with HITRUST. If you need HITRUST and SOC 2, we can streamline both to lower costs.

How to Get HITRUST Certified

Achieving HITRUST certification can seem daunting. We suggest starting by speaking to assessment specialists to understand the benefits and process. First, put together project management and identify key roles. Then, define the scope, goals, and timeline, and collect docs. Run system tests. Consulting with a certified HITRUST practitioner helps set up success.

Time to complete: Up to 2 months

  • Identify the key stakeholders
  • Define the scope
  • Select an authorized external assessor organization

During the Readiness phase, reliable HITRUST certified practicioners, like those at I.S. Partners, will test security controls and compare the existing policies and procedures to HITRUST requirements and controls.

Time to complete: Up to 6 months


  • Gap analysis
  • Develop a remediation plan
  • Set a time for the Validated Assessment

This phase gives the organization critical information and time to address any gaps identified during the readiness phase. Assessors analyze the organization’s controls, identify gaps, and develop solutions for remediation. This helps ensure certification success.

Time to complete: Up to 3 months


  • Complete the Validated Assessment using the MyCSF tool
  • The assessor validates and audits the assessment

At this point, assessors test control requirements, perform an on-site risk assessment, as well as penetration testing and vulnerability scans. Finally, a score is calculated for each control within the validated assessment scope.

Time to complete: 1 – 2 months


  • HITRUST will perform the required quality assurance procedures
  • HITRUST will create a report and score the validated assessment
  • HITRUST will issue a Letter of Certification

When the validated assessment is complete, the assessment is sent to HITRUST for their quality assurance review and generation of the final report.

Achieving HITRUST CSF Certification is important because it builds credibility and visibility for an organization. It is clear proof of the effectiveness of its security protocols for consumers and other business entities. Additionally, HITRUST CSF certification streamlines the compliance process, decreasing the time and expense needed to verify compliance with numerous sets of regulations.

Speak to a HITRUST Specialist today!


Which HITRUST Assessment Is Right for You?

Assessment Type HITRUST Essentials (e1)
HITRUST Implemented (i1)
HITRUST Risk-Based (r2)
Goal Foundational Cybersecurity
Leading Practices
Expanded Practices
Validated Assessment + Certification Checkbox Icon Checkbox Icon Checkbox Icon
Targeted Coverage NIST IR 7621: Small Business Information Security Fundamentals NIST SP 800-171, HIPAA Security Rule NIST SP 800-53, HIPAA, FedRAMP, NIST CSF, AICPA TSC, PCI DSS, GDPR, and 37 others
# of Control Requirements 44
Flexible Control Selection Checkbox Icon
High Degree of Assurance Checkbox Icon
Low Effort Required Checkbox Icon
Certification Valid for:
1 Year 1 Year 2 Years


HITRUST Certification Program

  • Establishment of the HITRUST common risk and compliance management framework.
  • Development of an assessment and assurance methodology.
  • Educational and career development.
  • Advocacy and awareness.
  • A federally recognized Information Sharing and Analysis Organization (ISAO) and other supporting programs and initiatives.

HITRUST Risk Management Framework & Third-Party Assurance

The HITRUST Third-Party Assurance Program supports covered entities and business associates. It provides a consolidated framework and guide to security best practices. A single assessment verifies compliance across standards, saving time.

HITRUST RightStart Program for Startups

The HITRUST RightStart Program guides new companies and startups seeking certification. It helps them navigate the process and implement risk management, security measures, and privacy policies. RightStart efficiently verifies compliance and earns trust.


Authorized HITRUST Assessors Guiding You to Success

What makes I.S. Partners different is our systematic risk method combined with the latest tech and specialized experience. We have a strong healthcare and insurance background. Our team includes healthcare security professionals.

This provides a clear advantage in understanding requirements and delivering an effective, efficient healthcare audit. We can help you from the start.

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