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What Is CISA?

CISA, which stands for Certified Information Systems Auditor, is a globally recognized credential for professionals working with information system (IS) auditing. As the most well-known designation for IS audit control, assurance, governance, compliance, and as a foundation for security professionals, CISA instantly gives IT managers and CIOs an insight into an IT professional’s capabilities.

Designed and controlled by the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), companies can offer clients the reassurance that their team’s information system auditors have undergone this robust certification process. More than 140,000 professionals in 180 countries around the world hold ISACA-developed CISA credentials.

What Does it Take to Earn CISA Credentials?

IT professionals who want to earn a CISA accreditation need to participate in a course that consists of five domains, which are sometimes also called modules, before taking an exam and applying for certification. It is also imperative that the candidate adheres to a code of professional ethics and carries on studies through the Continuing Professional Education (CPE) Program to earn their credentials.

Auditing professionals need to plan carefully when they choose to pursue the CISA certification exam preparation since it is conducted just three times a year in June, September and December, universally.

What Does the Five Domain CISA Examination Preparation Course Cover?

Each of the five CISA domains informs the student about an individual aspect of IS auditing, providing a discretely earned credit upon completion. The course is also comprehensive, and it is required for students to earn credits for each module before applying for certification.

Domain 1 – The Process of Auditing Information Systems

This domain features lessons and tools that help the CISA candidate gain the knowledge they need to meet the highest standards and to provide the best audit for information systems. With this module, the candidate will be able to confidently provide thorough control and protection of any business and its information systems.

Domain 2 – CISA’s Role Regarding IT Governance and Management

Domain 2 helps candidates learn to develop strong and sound IS management mechanisms and control approaches. Once certified, CISA candidates can provide an organization with assurance of best policies, accountability, and monitoring structures to reach peak IT governance.

Domain 3 – CISA’s Role Regarding Systems and Infrastructure Life Cycle Management

In this domain, CISA certification candidates learn about processes and methodologies that modern organizations use while updating or reinventing infrastructure components of their systems. This model features IS acquisition and development and implementation studies.

Domain 4 – CISA’s Role Regarding IT Service Delivery and Support

The candidate will learn about processes and methodologies in different IT systems in this domain. An important component of this lesson includes the learning how to approach an IS audit in the event of a disruption. Disaster recovery procedures are essential for the timely resumption of database services for IS operations, maintenance and service management. With a CISA candidate’s success in this module, an employer can rest easy knowing that they can resume regular business processes quickly and with minimal losses.

Domain 5 – CISA’s Role Regarding Protection of Information Assets

The integrity, availability and confidentiality of a business’s information assets is paramount, and domain 5 covers these features intensively. The CISA candidate will also learn about instituting physical and logical access control, as well as additional security measures.

Who Is Eligible to Apply to Become a CISA?

ISACA only considers serious candidates for this globally renowned certification and requires strict academic and professional criteria for candidates.
Candidates must have a minimum of 5 years of professional information systems auditing, control or security work experience, but there are waivers and substitutions to acknowledge various alternative professional and educational backgrounds for CISA candidates.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a CISA?

Whether your organization features a roster of international clients, or you simply want to reassure your local and national clients that you expertly manage your information system’s infrastructure with their best interests in mind, CISA is essential. A CISA certification confirms that your auditor can easily undertake an information technology audit, ensuring they can objectively and thoroughly examine your organization’s operations.

Given the technology-focused nature of modern business, it is crucial to properly safeguard assets, maintain data integrity, and operate effectively to achieve your organization’s goals or objectives within a safe computing environment. Similar to a CPA, a CISA provides IT specialization and an additional layer of qualifications to make sure your organization meets or exceeds the ideal auditing criteria for the desired results.

Reach Out for Help with CISA Expertise

If no one on your team is currently a CISA, we can help you at I.S. Partners, LLC. Our IS auditing team members hold CISA certification and can quickly and effectively assess your processes. We are happy to help you achieve all of your organization’s auditing goals and objectives. Call us at 215-675-1400 or us or send us a message to discuss our CISA credentials and how we can help.

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