Cybersecurity is no longer an optional concern for many businesses. Especially for those that work in highly regulated industries and handle sensitive data and/or PHI, such as finance, biotech, medical, and healthcare, security assessments are necessary to protect their data and ensure compliance. But not all IT companies are able to provide security assessment and certification services to their clients.

That’s where an IT audit firm can step in and offer the support your customers need. If your clients ask for compliance services that are outside of your IT team’s expertise, an auditing partner can cover those needs. IT auditors collaborate directly with your team and guarantee that your end-customers get the validation evidence and cybersecurity attestation needed to show compliance. This is true for standards regulating business processes, information technology controls, data security and privacy, as well as risk management.

What challenges does this solve?

Your IT Company Can Take on and Retain Clients Working in Regulated Industries.

Any company that collects, stores, transmits or processes sensitive data is required to demonstrate that it has controls in place to prevent data breaches. A security audit gives these types of companies the assurance that their data is safe while also acting as demonstrable proof that their network and computer infrastructure comply with relevant security standards.

Yet not all service providers that install and maintain computer network systems can offer cybersecurity services. Often smaller IT companies don’t cover regulatory compliance support. In fact, some types of audits for business processes, information technology controls, and data security actually need to be performed by certified CPAs. These include SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, and SOC for Cybersecurity audits.

You don’t need to turn away these types of organizations, however. Even if your IT team doesn’t in-house IT FTE, the time, or credentials necessary to provide this kind of compliance support, they can work with an outside auditor.

Your Customers Get Seamless Security Assessment, Attestation, & Certification Guidance.

Small or mid-sized IT companies can still provide full-sized IT services when they partner with an auditing firm. Combining their ongoing technical support with our suite of cybersecurity assessment and attestation offering means seamless IT for the end-customer. In fact, having streamlined services is a huge benefit to your customers in terms of time, effort, and simply alleviating headaches.

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Your Clients have Reliable Assurance of Regulatory Compliance.

Customers may leverage compliance with industry standards for a number of reasons – in order to stay competitive, attract clientele, bolster stakeholder trust, and avoid penalties from regulating bodies, etc. IT companies of all sizes can support them with these goals, without losing them as a customer.

Some examples of more common regulatory standards that your clients may be required to comply with include:

External auditing partners can help IT companies and their end-customers through the entire process. This may include preparing for regulatory assessments, carrying out audits, and making sure the organization obtains security certification. Experts and licensed CPAs stay up to date with the ever-evolving regulatory environment and are able to keep your clients on track towards expected changes in standards. It can also include handling just the auditing phase after your team verifies readiness.

The right external security auditing partner will strengthen your business offering, and guide your clients in preventing the operational, technical, and reputational impacts of a data breach. Building a relationship with an auditor will help your IT technicians learn about improving security posture and what’s needed for ongoing improvement between audits.

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