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Internal Control Audit for cloud
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Trusting in ISACA to Ensure the Integrity of Your Cloud Infrastructure

Network downtime is the enemy of any management team. Not only does it result in potential lost revenue and a decreased effectiveness of corporate controls, but it places the reliance on a system’s recovery to a single server. This is undoubtedly the reason why cloud computing has recently become so popular amongst businesses and organizations.

Yet that’s not to say that cloud computing doesn’t carry with it inherent risks. These risks can include:

  • Control gaps between the expectation of the organization and actual performance of the cloud service provider.
  • A lack of service-provider accountability.
  • An inability to satisfy the quality assurance requirements of external auditors.

The main benefit that the cloud provides may also be its most glaring drawback. By placing your network in virtual space, you also, by default, accept some measure of increased exposure and a lack of oversight. These issues make remaining compliant with industry integrity standards a challenge. Yet fortunately, companies are not without help in monitoring the compliance standards of cloud computing.

The ISACA Auditing Framework

ISACA has developed a regimented framework for auditing of IT systems. This framework allows a company’s management team to bring the areas of technical issues and control requirements, as well as, how these are related to business risks into better focus. Following the framework assures that those areas are aligned with not only the control measures of your enterprise, but also the compliance standards of your industry. As so many companies have outsourced the management of their networks to the cloud environment, ISACA has adapted these standards to extend to cloud computing.

The Need for Consistent Cloud Infrastructure Audits

By applying the ISACA framework to your cloud infrastructure audits, you focus on the control issues that are specific to cloud computing as well the governance of your particular cloud environment. This helps to ensure contractual compliance between your organization and your cloud service provider.

Additionally, consistent audits of your cloud infrastructure can identify any control gaps between the company and its service provider. These audits can also provide your management team and stakeholders in your company’s infrastructure performance with a fair assessment of the quality of a service provider’s internal controls. Finally, audits can provide recommendations on how choosing to rely on those controls could impact your organization’s adherence those standards set forth regarding the safety and security of your network.

Cloud computing brings with it unlimited potential in improving the reliability and performance of your network. Yet the potential complications that the cloud can present in terms of remaining compliant to the industry standards can cause a headache for your management team. Thus, consistent audits of your cloud infrastructure are essential to ensuring that compliance. As experts in the ISACA framework, I.S. Partners, LLC is the ideal auditing partner for you. We can review your cloud operations using the standards established by ISACA to pinpoint areas which could present potential concerns, plus provide you the road map needed in order to arrive at the point of compliance. You can trust in our ability to help your organization continue to safely operate on the cloud.

If your company is in need of an internal control audit for your cloud infrastructure or you would like to receive more information about I.S. Partners, LLC, please call 215-675-1400 or email us at [email protected]

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