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Energy & Resources Compliance and Risk Management  

Utilities are under enormous regulatory, legislative, and public pressure to modernize their infrastructure, upgrade transmission lines and equipment, and overhaul energy regulations. I.S. Partners’ suite of services can be tailored to any utility business, including electric, gas, nuclear, sanitation, and water, in maintaining compliance and enhancing EHS performance. 

As one of the largest and most regulated industries, the energy sector requires both robust and flexible GRC programs. They must take into account the numerous political, environmental, legal, and financial interests impacting the energy and utilities industries, which are more strictly enforced and subject to change than ever. 

Why Work with a Compliance Firm? 

Many companies in the utility and resource industry faced with substantial strain because of increasing costs. It is becoming more challenging for your staff to fully focus on all EHS goals with less resources and high regulatory demands. Plus, companies in the energy industry operate on a global stage where non-compliance or a data breach can ruin their reputation in an instant.  

Protecting your company’s assets and providing assurance to stakeholders is crucial to success. Working with a firm that is dedicated to compliance, gives you verifiable assessments, proven cost savings, the opportunity to combine engagements, and assurance that efforts are up to date with the latest legislation. 

Combined Compliance & Security Services  

We provide the best all-around compliance services for the energy and utility sector by bringing together information security professionals, auditors, and compliance experts. When you work with I.S. Partners, your company benefits from the following: 

  • Agile compliance and risk management software.
  • Risk assessments and management that cover operations, supply chain, third-party, technology and environmental risk – among others.  
  • Regulatory change management and incident management. 
  • Policy and procedure development and management. 

I.S. Partners accomplishes this through organized documentation and reporting processes, with the help of automated tools to speed up engagements. Our auditors are specialized in the utility sector and keep up to date on regulations from FERC, NERC, and the EPA.


We help bulk power system owners and operators which are required to comply with this cybersecurity framework to protect critical assets. 

ISO 50001

We help both public and private organizations to achieve energy management system certification. 


We are a certified CMMC third-party assessment organization for DoD contractors.

Green Power Pass

We help data center customers through the GPP renewable energy reporting and FOIP compliance process.

We Never Outsource Auditing or Security Services 

Work with a single business, be advised by a single qualified specialist, and have all compliance and security activities streamlined. I.S. Partners takes pride in its exceptional client connections. That means we handle every stage of the process ourselves, rather than relying on external auditors or outsourcing security practitioners. That implies easier, more efficient engagements and less issues for our clients. 

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