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Security Policy & Procedure Development

Predicting and preparing for the unexpected can seem like an impossible objective. Yet successful information security and business continuity requires it. I.S. Partners guides organizations through building an effective risk management program, starting from a firm foundation with security policies and procedures.

The Advantages of Prepared Compliance Services

Policy and procedure development is complex because it touches every part of a business – from its internal operations and employee management to its external relationships with third parties. It is also a critical step because established policies and procedures facilitate training, process auditing, and improvement of risk mitigation measures. Getting professional assistance from certified assessors and security consultants has a number of advantages.

Customized Policies & Procedures

Each organization is unique. That’s why I.S. Partners team designs policies and procedures in response to your activities, industry standards, risk environment, and specific business needs. The end result is a framework fit to your organization’s security structure, implementation measures, and management processes regarding:

  • Configuration and Maintenance,
  • Data Protection,
  • Employee Management,
  • Documentation and Information Retention.

More Comprehensive Security

A detailed review of your organization’s current policies and procedures will enable us to identify any gaps or vulnerabilities in your cyber and corporate security posture. It looks at all levels of security:

  • Organizational,
  • System-specific, and
  • Issue-specific.

From that point, our security experts will build comprehensive policies and procedures that address these weaknesses, closing the gaps that would otherwise expose your organization to greater risk.

Simplified Regulatory Compliance

When security and compliance efforts go hand-in-hand, it saves your organization time and expense in the long-run. I.S. Partners ensures that policies and procedures are designed to be inline with your compliance goals and regulatory requirements. For example:

Coordinated Action When Needed the Most

Careful planning pays off in emergency situations. Setting up detailed policies and procedures now assures that your team knows who is responsible for performing specific security functions in the moments when they matter the most.

With the help of I.S. Partners, your organization will be ready to face the next natural disaster, health crisis, real or cyber attack that occurs. We will work with your team to develop an action plan of information security procedures within the framework of laws and regulations that apply to your organization.

Build Your Risk Management Program on a Solid Foundation

Contact I.S. Partners, LLC for assistance developing policies and procedures. Our team has the combined security and compliance expertise needed to efficiently update and maintain your current policies and procedures or to design them from zero. Send a message to our team to determine how we can best help you.

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