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I.S. Partners offers customized services to help utility companies, including electric, gas, nuclear, sanitation, and water businesses, improve environmental, health, and safety (EHS) compliance management. The utilities industry faces pressure to modernize infrastructure and overhaul energy regulatory requirements.

As a heavily regulated industry, energy companies need flexible governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) programs considering the many political, environmental, legal, and financial factors impacting them. Energy regulation is strict and frequently changing.

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Get 360° energy compliance services.

Utility and resource companies face rising costs and regulatory demands, making it difficult to focus on EHS goals. By working with a firm that implements compliance practices, you gain verifiable assessments, cost savings, combined engagements, and compliance certification. This helps your company succeed despite strains of limited resources and regulations.

The I.S. Partners security team is well-versed in managing compliance. This includes compliance with the most rigid regulations for energy, power, and utility companies, including FERC, NERC, and EPA regulations. Our team can help you assess and fortify your systems according to industry standards.



We help bulk power system owners and operators who must comply with this cybersecurity framework to protect critical assets. 

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ISO 50001

We help both public and private organizations to achieve energy management system certification. 



We are a certified CMMC third-party assessment organization for DoD contractors.

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Green Power Pass

We help data center customers through the GPP renewable energy reporting and FOIP compliance process.

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Why choose I.S. Partners for energy compliance services?

We provide the best all-around cybersecurity and compliance services for the energy and utility sector, including: 

  • Agile compliance and risk management software.
  • Assessment of operational, supply chain, third-party, technology, and environmental risk.  
  • Regulatory change management and incident reporting. 
  • Policy and procedure development. 
We never outsource auditing or security services. 

Work with a single business, be advised by a single qualified specialist, and have all compliance and security activities streamlined. I.S. Partners takes pride in its exceptional client connections. That means we handle every process stage ourselves. We do not rely on external auditors or outsourcing security practitioners. That implies easier, cost-effective, and more efficient engagements and fewer issues for our clients.  

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