Clear compliance services for the telecom industry.

As the compliance environment continues to get more complex and more important to businesses in the telecommunications industry, skilled guidance becomes even more valuable. I.S. Partners provides the support that telecommunications providers need to ensure regulatory compliance, as well as tested IT security. 

Our security team is well-versed in all the most important compliance regulations applicable to companies operating in the telecom and communications service industry.

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We take the anxiety out of audits for the telecom sector.

Whether your company is looking to mitigate risk, avoid fines and penalties for non-compliance, improve its security measures, or build confidence among clients and stakeholders, our firm is equipped to help.   

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We ensure continuous compliance with federal contracts, streamlining the process with gap analysis and strategic guidance.

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Our healthcare compliance experts serve both covered entities and their business associates with comprehensive HIPAA compliance services.

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We provide complete SOC 1 assessment, reporting, and certification assistance for telecom organizations.

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I.S. Partners offers expert SOC 2 audit services, guiding your organization through the healthcare regulatory compliance process to ensure success.


Why choose I.S. Partners for telecom compliance?

By bringing together information security specialists with auditors and compliance experts, we provide the best all-around compliance services for the telecom industry. With our auditing firm, your company gains: 

  • Continuous monitoring of infrastructure, applications, data, and threat response.  
  • Actionable mitigation plans.
  • Comprehensive reporting that meets applicable federal and state regulations.  
  • Review of data access in keeping with FCC compliance regulations. 
  • Use of automated audit software that streamlines the process.
We never outsource auditing or security services.

Work with one company, be guided by one skilled professional, and have all compliance and security efforts streamlined in the most anxiety-free way. I.S. Partners prides itself on excellent client relationships. For us, that means personally handling every step of the process and not relying on external auditors or outsourcing security assessments.

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Save 15% by combining telecom compliance efforts.

With a combined approach, auditing and reporting becomes more efficient. Our security and compliance services eliminate redundancy in controls and between regulations that apply to the telecom industry.

For our clients, that means smoother, more efficient engagements and a lot less headaches.  

SOC 2 and NIST

Compliance Bundle


Together, NIST and SOC 2 deliver strong risk mitigation and cyber resilience. Where NIST covers a wide range of cybersecurity activities, SOC 2 provides robust control evaluation. And together they promote continual improvement.

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Compliance Bundle

PCI + Pen Testing

Pen testing by a qualified cybersecurity professional is a PCI DSS mandate, so including it within the PCI audit process makes perfect sense. Combining services avoids duplicate efforts, saving time and money for your company.

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Compliance Bundle

SOC 1 + SOC 2

I.S. Partners provides comprehensive SOC 1 and SOC 2 assessment, reporting, and certification assistance for telecom companies.


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