Save on bundled insurance compliance services.

Streamline your compliance program with our bundled services. We map controls across frameworks to maximize efficiency in auditing and reporting. Get end-to-end support from our experienced compliance team with bundled services specifically for insurance companies.



I.S. Partners offers expert SOC 2 audit services, guiding your organization through the audit process to ensure compliance for insurance companies.



More than 85% of US health insurers have implemented the HITRUST risk-based framework. With 15 years of experience working with organizations in various industries, our certified practitioners are ready to guide your insurance company to certification.

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Our compliance practitioners have experience in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, the Model Audit Rule, and insurance regulatory compliance. They specialize in helping organizations prepare for compliance audits and meet regulations.

ISO 27001

ISO 27001

The expert insurance compliance consultants at I.S. Partners guide you through ISO readiness, risk assessments, and compliance controls.


Delivering ongoing compliance and security.

I.S. Partners offers a comprehensive suite of compliance services to help insurance companies meet financial reporting obligations, complete compliance audits, and implement strong internal controls. Our team of audit professionals has extensive expertise in insurance regulatory compliance, performing risk assessments, documenting processes, validating controls, and developing self-assessment programs.

Specific services include audits conducted by external auditors, assessing security and control practices, and delivering clear results and recommendations that help insurers meet compliance requirements confidently.

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Why choose us for insurance compliance?

As compliance regulations tighten across the insurance industry, ongoing compliance monitoring and auditing becomes critical. The insurance compliance management services provided by I.S. Partners protect your business by:

Performing regular audits and risk assessments to identify compliance gaps
Giving clear, actionable recommendations to mitigate risks
Guidance on all relevant insurance regulatory compliance
Handling all compliance services in-house with our specialized team
Providing one point of contact throughout engagements


Save 15% by combining insurance compliance services.

Streamline your insurance compliance program with combined services, and convenient pricing, offered by I.S. Partners.

We map controls across frameworks to maximize efficiency in auditing and reporting. Get end-to-end support from our experienced compliance team with bundled services specifically for insurance companies.

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ISO 27001 and soc2

Compliance Bundle

ISO 27001 + SOC 2

Together SOC 2 and ISO 27001 optimize security control coverage, compliance, risk mitigation, and accountability – providing a synergistic approach to information security. Plus, helps address industry-specific compliance mandates more efficiently.


Compliance Bundle


An integrated audit approach provides significant advantages over doing the two assessments separately. Joining HITRUST and SOC 2 assessments maximizes efficiency, flexibility, cost savings and promotes a robust security and compliance program.

soc2 and soc3

Compliance Bundle

SOC 2 + SOC 3

A SOC 2 audit provides detailed proof of strong controls for stakeholders wanting technical evidence; adding a SOC 3 report helps communicate your security commitment in a way that can be used as a marketing tool.


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Affordable Insurance Compliance Consulting

Partner with us for affordable bundled compliance services. We handle planning, auditing, reporting, and leadership to full insurance regulatory compliance. Contact us today to learn more and take advantage of bundled pricing.

“When our clients need multiple attestations or certifications, we bring those efforts together. This saves on time and costs by cutting out repeat tasks and duplicate work.”

David DunkelbergerDavid Dunkelberger, partner at I.S. Partners
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