We take the anxiety out of healthcare compliance.

Our healthcare security and compliance team continuously monitors access to protected health information, both on-site and in the cloud. We give your CIO or CISO relevant security metrics and threat intelligence to make informed decisions. Covered healthcare entities get visibility into risks and HIPAA compliance status.

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Delivering total healthcare compliance services.

To simplify compliance in the healthcare industry, I.S. Partners now offers bundled audit and assessment services. Our healthcare compliance consulting and security team is well-versed in the most important compliance regulations that apply to companies operating in this specialized industry.



With 15 years of experience working with organizations in the life sciences and healthcare industries, our HITRUST-certified practitioners are ready to help.

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Our healthcare compliance experts serve both covered entities and their business associates with comprehensive HIPAA compliance services.



I.S. Partners offers expert SOC 2 audit services, guiding your organization through the healthcare regulatory compliance process to ensure success.

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Our SOC 3 reporting services deliver assurance that controls are well-designed, functional, and effective at protecting PHI and patient privacy.


Why choose I.S. Partners for healthcare compliance consulting?

Healthcare organizations must comply with complex regulations like HIPAA, HITRUST, and SOC audits to protect patient privacy and data security.

Our compliance management services help healthcare entities follow these compliance standards by continuously monitoring and prioritizing risks, then giving actionable recommendations to mitigate them.

When you work with I.S. Partners, your organization gains:

Continuous access monitoring of PHI, both on-site and in the cloud.
Actionable recommendations for risk mitigation.
Guidance to become fully compliant with HIPAA, HITRUST, and other regulations.
All auditing and security services are handled in-house.

As industry experts, I.S. Partners will bring invaluable knowledge and resources to your company. Unlike the latest software-only solutions or some of the top-tier CPA firms, I.S. Partners prefers to do all the fieldwork in-house.

By performing compliance assessments and security audits ourselves, we are better able to help clients identify and correct vulnerabilities. Each client is guided by a single point person, a compliance and security expert who helps your healthcare organization through engagements while providing workable advice and solutions.

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Save 15% by combining healthcare compliance services.

With a combined approach, auditing and reporting becomes more efficient. Our healthcare compliance team maps controls and takes advantage of overlaps in the various frameworks that apply to your organization. This cuts down on the overall time and effort needed.

Streamline your healthcare compliance program with bundled healthcare compliance services offered by I.S. Partners.


Compliance Bundle


An integrated audit approach provides significant advantages over doing the two assessments separately. Joining HITRUST and SOC 2 assessments maximizes efficiency, flexibility, cost savings and promotes a robust security and compliance program.


Compliance Bundle


Combining HIPAA and SOC 2 audits provides healthcare organizations with comprehensive compliance and assurance. It’s also considered a proactive approach to compliance from two critical angles: security/privacy and healthcare data protection.

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Compliance Bundle

SOC 2 + SOC 3

A SOC 2 audit provides detailed proof of strong controls for stakeholders wanting technical evidence; adding a SOC 3 report helps communicate your security commitment in a way that can be used as a marketing tool.


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Streamline Healthcare Compliance & Save with I.S. Partners

With our bundled compliance services, you gain end-to-end support from our specialized healthcare compliance team. We handle everything from planning to fieldwork to reporting, providing guidance each step of the way.
Contact I.S. Partners today to learn more and take advantage of bundled pricing.

“When our clients need multiple attestations or certifications, we bring those efforts together. This saves on time and costs by cutting out repeat tasks and duplicate work.”

David DunkelbergerDavid Dunkelberger, partner at I.S. Partners
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