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Reduce the burden of compliance and auditing with our Government Compliance Package. Satisfy multiple regulations through one streamlined engagement while saving time and money. Contact us to learn more and take advantage of bundled pricing for public sector organizations.

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ISO 27001

The expert government compliance consultants at I.S. Partners guide you through ISO 27001 readiness, risk assessments, and compliance controls.



I.S. Partners offers expert SOC 2 audit services, guiding public entities and government contractors through the audit process to ensure compliance and achieve a competitive edge.

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We ensure continuous compliance in federal contracts, streamlining the process with gap analysis and strategic guidance.


Compliance solutions fit for government and contractors.

I.S. Partners assists public administration entities, government contractors, vendors, and other organizations working with federal agencies. Our experienced team helps both public and private sector operators achieve robust compliance.

government compliance solutions
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Government compliance solutions for today’s businesses.

We offer continuous risk monitoring, detailed access reports, security testing, and reviews of cloud usage to support compliance. Our services empower agencies to make informed decisions in protecting sensitive government data.


Why choose I.S. Partners for compliance?

With over 15 years of experience, I.S. Partners guides agencies through compliance with federal regulations. As the adoption of cloud services grows within the government, we help organizations control privacy risks. Our bundled audits and in-house experts provide efficient guidance to meet complex compliance demands.

We never outsource security and auditing work.

I.S. Partners’ practitioners handle all aspects of security and compliance assessments. This guarantees accuracy while assigning each customer a dedicated expert to streamline compliance efforts.

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Complete security and compliance for the public sector.

Our compliance team provides ongoing visibility into your risk status through continuous monitoring and relevant security metrics. This empowers agencies to make informed decisions to protect sensitive government data.


Save 15% by bundling government compliance services.

With a bundled approach, our compliance experts maximize efficiency in auditing and reporting. We map controls across frameworks to identify overlaps relevant to your agency. This streamlines the process and reduces the effort required.

Simplify your regulatory compliance program with bundled services from I.S. Partners.

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ISO 27001 and soc2

Compliance Bundle

ISO 27001 + SOC 2

Together SOC 2 and ISO 27001 optimize security control coverage, compliance, risk mitigation, and accountability – providing a synergistic approach to information security. Plus, helps address industry-specific compliance mandates more efficiently.

SOC 2 and NIST

Compliance Bundle


NIST CSF and SOC 2 work synergistically to provide comprehensive risk mitigation and cyber resilience. Where NIST covers a wide range of cybersecurity activities, SOC 2 provides robust control evaluation. And together they promote continual improvement.


Compliance Bundle


An integrated audit approach provides significant advantages over doing the two assessments separately. Joining HITRUST and SOC 2 assessments maximizes efficiency, flexibility, cost savings and promotes a robust security and compliance program.


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Faster, Less Expensive Government Compliance Services

Our government compliance team handles planning, fieldwork, and reporting to guide you through audit requirements. With in-house experts, receive tailored guidance to close gaps while bundling services to save time and money.

“When our clients need multiple attestations or certifications, we bring those efforts together. This saves on time and costs by cutting out repeat tasks and duplicate work.”

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