Cloud Service Provider Compliance
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Cloud Service Provider Compliance and Its Importance to Your Business

Are you going to be moving your company’s data over to the cloud, using a third party cloud computing provider? This is the wave of the future for most businesses, as they discover the benefits of keeping their data off-site. It is cheaper than hosting it on their own servers. Plus, all the responsibility for security compliance lies with the cloud computing provider, which is one less thing a business has to concern itself with attending to. Cloud computing businesses are security specialists, though some certainly do a better job of it than others.

Finding a company that is in compliance with all modern cloud service provider standards is important for the future of your company, both financially and in terms of your reputation. Don’t choose a company that is likely to have a data breach that will put your company in the news. Instead, look for one that has an excellent reputation for security standards compliance, and you will be glad you made the move to the cloud.

Choosing A Cloud Service Provider

So, how do you choose the cloud service provider that is best for your company? The first thing you must do is understand the types of data you have on record. If you keep personally identifiable information on your customers or clients, such as credit card, Social Security, birth dates, driver’s license numbers, health information, address and phone numbers, shopping history, and more, you need to move forward with your move to the cloud with a solid understanding of the way cloud computing companies maintain security compliance regarding this information while they are moving your data. Data is at its most vulnerable during these moves, and understanding how many hands the data will pass through on its way to its new home, and how secure those hands are, is important to your business’s future and reputation. The best cloud computing companies are those that maintain compliance with applicable security standards during every part of the move and after the move.

Even though another company will be taking responsibility for the security of your data, the ultimate responsibility still lies with you. If your data is compromised, it is your company that will be blamed for choosing the wrong provider. Clients want to feel that your company is a competent and trustworthy one, and part of this is being able to choose a reliable and trustworthy cloud computing company to handle your personally identifiable data.

Cloud Data Security

Today, data security is more of a shared responsibility model. In the past, data security was handled in-house by one person or a special team whose responsibility it was to keep the data secure. This cost companies a lot of money in employee salaries and benefits, and put a very heavy burden on the security personnel. However, the higher-ups at the company felt better about knowing one department in their organization was responsible for all of the data security of the company. The knew who to go to if there were issues, or if they had questions.

The trend toward moving data to the cloud does save companies a tremendous amount of money, which is why so many of them are doing it. This changes the dynamic of the chain of responsibility for the security of data, though. Your company now shares the burden of security for your data with whatever cloud computing company you choose to safeguard it. This is a shared responsibility model of business, and each side must spell out and understand the responsibilities of the other, and what is expected of both parties.

Cloud Service Compliance

It is also important for your in-house security team to get in contact with your cloud computing provider regularly so both sides can review what is going on and update your agreed upon division of responsibilities, if necessary. Sometimes, as your business evolves, or the cloud computing company evolves, the responsibilities of each of you may need to be re-worked and changed. This is a dynamic relationship. Staying on top of who is responsible for what part of your data security, and knowing your cloud computing provider is always within cloud service provider compliance is a smart part of doing business in the cloud.

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I.S. Partners, LLC will review cloud computing companies for your business, and make sure they are in compliance with local, state, national, and international security standards. They will also recommend the cloud computing companies of the highest quality and trustworthiness to your company after researching the ones with the services that best meet your business needs. Don’t leave your important company and personally identifiable data in the hands of a company that might not treat it as carefully as you would treat it in-house. Choose a company that can and will do an even better job than your company could do. Let I.S. Partners, LLC locate that company for you. Contact us at 215-675-1400 or email us [email protected]

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