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SOC 1 vs. SOC 2 Reports – Do You Know The Difference?

SOC 1 vs. SOC 2: What Type of Audit Does My Organization Need? If your company provides services to other companies, those services may have an impact on your customers’ financial reporting. As a result, your customers’ auditors may need assurance that the controls surrounding your services are designed effectively, and in some cases, operating …

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who performs soc audits

Who Is Certified to Complete a SOC Audit?

Who Can Perform SOC Audits? A growing number of businesses are requesting that service organizations perform regular SOC audits to ensure adherence to set controls and objectives that serve to protect customer information, human resource data and intellectual property that all becomes increasingly vulnerable with each additional entity that has access to it. You may …

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SOC 1 for Subservice Organizations

The Best SOC 1 Reporting Approach

Over the past several decades, outsourcing certain functions of a business has become standard operating procedure for many of today’s efficiency-focused organizations. Your company is probably part of this global business revolution, to some degree. If so, you may continually find yourself searching for the best ways to ensure maximum accountability on all fronts. From …

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