New Year’s Resolutions for Better Data Security in 2016

Data security is a big concern for your business, now more than at any other time in the past. This past year was filled with stories of data breaches at big companies, and even with the federal government. The people who would hack your company’s valuable information are becoming more sophisticated and more bold, going after increasingly high profile targets. Since they have no problem going after well known companies and government entities, they won’t have any issues or hesitation about going after your company. To stay in business and protect your reputation, you’ve got to stay one step ahead of them. Here are your New Year’s resolutions for better data security in 2016.

1. Make Sure Your Antivirus and Spyware Software is Up to Date

If you are using an older version of an antivirus and/or spyware program, you are leaving yourself open to hackers all over the world. In fact, you might as well just open your business doors and let them in, or give them your passwords. Hackers already know how to get around the old programs. They learned it long ago, and it’s child’s play to them. Don’t make it easy for them to get your data. While they may find a way to get through your security software eventually, up to date security software is your first line of defense. Keep them out longer, which gives you time to shore up other areas of your data security.

2. Control Who Has Access to Certain Company Databases

Just because someone works for you doesn’t mean that they need access to every database in your company. The more people who have access, the more opportunity there is to get your information compromised. Employees may not be careful about choosing secure passwords, keeping those passwords private, and following proper security protocols. They may even reveal private information to those who don’t need to know it, or who would love to use it against your company. Decide which of your employees needs access to which databases to do their jobs, and only give them access to those databases, not every database in the company.

3. Give Company-Wide Security Seminars

Not everyone in your company may be familiar with the best security protocols to keep your data safe. Many of them may be using outdated information. Others may have no real knowledge of security at all. It is important that everyone in your company is on the same page when it comes to data security. Even the lowest level employees probably use at least some secure company data. Having at least an annual company-wide meeting on data security protocols, where everyone is given materials and trained in keeping company data secure is a must. If you can do it twice annually or quarterly, that’s even better.

4. Move Your Data to the Cloud

You may not like the idea of moving your data off-site, but it really is one of the most effective and important ways you can keep your company’s data secure. The businesses that have cloud storage services are security experts. They will know exactly how to keep your company data safe from hackers, and can easily control who in your company has access to certain databases. If there are any issues, such as an attempted hacking or unauthorized login, they will let you know, usually after they’ve already taken care of it themselves. You can be sure your data is truly secure with a cloud computing company. The best ones can make the move for your data without even disrupting the regular operations of your business. Most of your employees won’t even know it’s being done, and will see little difference in how they do their jobs once it is done.

5. Get a Security Audit

Knowing where your company stands when it comes to security, where you need to improve, and where you’re doing well, is valuable information. A professional auditing company will know what to look for, and may discover things you or one of your in-house employees would miss. Once you know where you need to improve and where you’re strong, you will know what needs to be worked on in your company to make your data virtually hacker-proof. Using a professional, third-party auditing company is best, because that company will not have a personal investment in yours, and so can look at it with a more appraising eye than your in-house employees could do. I.S. Partners, LLC is a professional third-party auditing company.

You should get an audit at least annually, and ideally every time you hear about a new security threat to your data. I.S. Partners, LLC can do the auditing for you, and will do it in such a seamless way, you and your employees won’t even know they’re there. Call I.S. Partners, LLC at 215-675-1400 or request a quote today to get your audit and make sure your precious data is secure.

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